Charter schools.

Author:Vogt, Leonard
Position:News for Educational Workers - Decline of public education - Brief article

The closing of schools and the use of standardized test results to close them is intimately connected with the push for charter schools. A corporate mentality wants to rule public education in the United States. To that end, corporations are trying to starve public schools in order to justify privatization. In Chicago, for example, the Broad Foundation is venture philanthropy/capitalism "dedicated to redesigning school districts ... [on] business/finance principals and data-driven accountability ... focused on the 'return on investment'. Basically, venture philanthropists do not donate unless they can shape policy decisions" (Chicago Sun Times, July 30, 2013). In the closing of its 37 schools, Philadelphia outsourced its decision to the business world and, according to a Pew study, came to its final consensus after consulting "a California-based engineering design firm, and ... an Ohio-based company that specializes in...

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