A Charm of Dolphins: The Threatened Life of a Flippered Friend.

AuthorSalisbury, Linda
PositionChildren's review - Book review

Work Title: A Charm of Dolphins: The Threatened Life of a Flippered Friend

Work Author(s): Howard Hall

London Town Press

32 color photographs and illustrations, 48 pages, Softcover $8.95

Children's Picture Book

ISBN: 9780976613480

Reviewer: Linda Salisbury

"Flipper" may be the most widely known human name for a dolphin, but readers may be surprised to learn that dolphins name themselves with a unique signature whistle. "Members of its social group recognize each other by their whistle names, not merely by the sound of a familiar dolphin voice," the author writes. This tidbit is among the fascinating facts about dolphins that fill this new book in an outstanding wildlife series presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau.

Hall, a diver, biologist, wildlife author, and Emmy-award filmmaker, shares his knowledge and observations of these popular mammals. Highly intelligent, dolphins have self-awareness that allows them to recognize themselves in mirrors; use echolocation to hunt prey, enjoy touch, and know their environment; and perform thrilling leaps and spins in the air. Some species leap higher than a two-story building. Others spin like tops.

Hall's personal experiences with dolphins are delightful. In these pages he plunges readers into the depths of...

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