My Inspiration - Music of Brazil

(Concord Picante)

I hadn't even graduated from college when I caught Charlie Byrd live at the Redondo Pier's Concerts by the Sea, one of many L.A. jazz clubs that disappeared during the Ronald Reagan years. I found Byrd's guitar playing to be irresistible and eventually regarded him as one of those rare "honorary brasileiros" although I wasn't fully aware back then of his historic role in the bossa-jazz movement of the early 1960s. Later on, I discovered that Stan Getz was turned on to bossa by Byrd, but the British saxophonist ended up getting most of the credit for subsequent international developments.

A native of Virginia who resides in Maryland, the 73 year-old guitarist renews his romance with said carioca idiom in this Concord recording, accompanied by the New York-based Trio...

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