Charles R. Knight.

Author:Nola, Meg
Position:Book review

Richard Milner (author); CHARLES R. KNIGHT; Abrams Books (Nonfiction: Art) 40.00 ISBN: 9780810984790

Byline: Meg Nola

Though artist Charles R. Knight (1874-1953) was plagued with vision problems for most of his life, he managed to leave behind an amazing body of work -- and to somehow look back into the prehistoric past like no one else could. The Brooklyn-born Knight's talents were impressive and adaptable, but his love of animals led to an early affinity for drawing all creatures great and small, whether it was the family pet or lions and elephants at the zoo. Later, Knight's career ran parallel to the desire of American natural history museums to showcase what had been unearthed in scientific expeditions, and he was commissioned for various prehistoric murals that have awed and inspired visitors for nearly a century.

Author and anthropologist Richard Milner's homage to Charles Robert Knight, an artist who did indeed see through time, features fine color illustrations of Knight's work along with a biography of this unusually gifted man. Knight's thorough research and eye for detail are noted, as are the sense of drama and scene that made his murals so distinctive. Knight's creatures were never flat or stiffly posed, but instead came to life in colorful action -- flying, hunting, lounging about, or fighting for survival of the fittest. The book's quote from the...

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