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Position:Letters to the Editor

I just read the "Letters to the Editor" in the May issue and thought I'd comment on the letter from Mr. Joe Bowen of Bayou Bend Gun shop. Mr. Bowen writes, ".. .All costs for shop repair or packaging and shipping back to the factory are borne by the dealer. UPS recently charged us $37 to return a handgun to the factory..." Mr. Bowen later says, "...I suggest the manufacturer pick up the packing and shipping costs on manufacturer defects. I'll wager they'll do a better job with quality control..."

Charles Daly has long subscribed to the notion of totally backing up our products with shipping as well as repair. In fact, our Limited Lifetime Repair policy states:

Charles Daly will repair your firearm purchased after September 1, 2001, at no cost to you. for as long as you own your Charles Daly firearm, provided that no service is performed on your firearm by anyone other than the Charles Daly Service Department and that...

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