Chapter VIII. Decisions of national tribunals

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Part Three. Judicial decisions on questions relating the United Nations and related intergovernmental organizations

. Decisions of national tribunals

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F Special Court for Sierra Leone 484

1 Judgements delivered by the Appeals Chamber 484 2 Judgements delivered by the Trial Chambers 484 G Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia 485

H Special Tribunal for Lebanon 485

Chapter VIII Decisions of national tribunals


High Court of Kenya at Nairobi

Tanad Transporters Ltd., Applicant, v United Nations Children’s Fund,

Respondent, Ruling of 1 July 2009 487

Part Four. Bibliography

A International organizations in general

1 General 493 2 Particular questions 493 B United Nations

1 General 494 2 Prinicipal organs and subsidiary bodies 494 C intergovernmental organizations related to the united nations

1 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 499 2 International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes 499 3 International Civil Aviation Organization 499 4 International Labour Organization 499 5 International Maritime Organization 500 6 International Monetary Fund 500 7 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization 500 8 World Bank Group 500 9 World Health Organization 501 10 World Intellectual Property Organization 501 11 World Trade Organization 501 D Other legal issues

1 Aviation law 506

2 Commercial arbitration 506

3 Consular relations 506

4 Definition of aggression 507

5 Diplomatic relations 508

6 Disarmament 508

7 Environmental questions 508

Chapter VIII


high Court of Kenya at Nairobi

Tanad Transporters Ltd., Applicant, v. United Nations Children’s Fund, Respondent

Ruling of 1 July 2009

Jurisdiction of the court—Privileges and immunities of the United Nations— Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations—Full immunity when transaction is related to official functions—Arbitration under UNCITRAL rules

The applicant filed an originating summons pursuant to the provisions of the Arbitration Act and section 3A of the Civil Procedure Act seeking to compel the respondent to submit to arbitration within twenty-one days of the issuance of the order In the alternative, the applicant further prayed to be granted leave to commence suit against the respondent The originating motion is supported by the annexed affidavit of Musa Said Hassan, the managing director of the applicant On 28th April 2009, the...

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