Chapter VII. Decisions and advisory opinions of international tribunals

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Chapter VII
A. I C  J
e International Court of Justice i s the principal judicial organ of the UnitedNations.
It was established in June 1945 by the Charter of the UnitedNations and began work in
Apri l 1946.
1. Judgments
(i) Request for Interpretation of the Judgment of 15 June 1962 in the Case concerning
the Temple of Preah Vihear (Cambodia v. ailand), Judgment, 11 November 2013.
(ii) Frontier Dispute (Burkina Faso/Niger), Judgment, 16 April 2013.
2. Advisory Opinions
No advisory opinions were delivered by the C ourt in 2013.
3. Pending cases and proceedings as at 31 December 2013
(i) Questions relating to the Se izure and Detention of Certain Documents and Data
(Timor-Leste v. Australia) (2013 – ).
(ii) Allege d Violations of Sovereign Rights and Maritime Space s in the Caribbean Sea
(Nicaragua v. Colombia) (2013 – ).
(iii) Question of the Delimitation of the Continental Shelf between Nicaragua and
Colombia beyond 200 nautical miles from the Nicaraguan Coa st (Nicaragua v.
Colombia) (2013– ).
(iv) Obligation to Negotiate Access to th e Pacic Ocean (Bolivia v. Chi le) (2013 – ).
1 e texts of the jud gments, advisor y opinions and orders are publ ished in the ICJ Repor ts.
Summaries of t he judgments, advisory opin ions and orders of the Court are provided i n English and
French on its website, http://ww In addition, the sum maries can be found in a ll six ocial
languages of t he UnitedNations on the website of the Codi cation Division of the Unite dNations Oce
of Legal Aa irs, /law/ICJsummaries/. For more informat ion about the Court ’s activi-
ties, see, for the p eriod 1 August 2012 to 31 July 2013, Report of the Inter national Court of Jus tice, Ocial
Records of the Gene ral Assembly, Sixty-ei ghth Session, Supple ment No. 4 (A/68/4), and see, for the period
1 August 2013 to 31 July 2014, Report of the Internat ional Court of Justic e, Ocial Records of the G eneral
Assembly, Sixty- ninth Session, Suppleme nt No. 4 (A/69/4).

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