Chapter II. Treaties concerning the legal status of the United Nations and related intergovernmental organizations

  1. Treaties concerning the legal status of the united nations

    1. status of the Convention on the Privileges and immunities of the united nations.1 Approved by the general Assembly of the united nations on 13 February 1946

      During .2004, .no .States .acceded .to .the .Convention .As .at .31 .December .2004, .there . were .148 .States .parties .to .the .Convention 2

    2. Agreements relating to missions, offices and meetings

      (a) Exchange of letters constituting an agreement between the United Nations and the Government of the Sultanate of Oman regarding the hosting of the “Workshop on the Use of Handheld Devices (HHD) for Population Censuses in the ESCWA Region”, to be held in Muscat, from 4 to 6 April 2004. New York,

      21 January 2004 and 2 March 2004.


      21 .January .2004


      I .have .the .honour .to .refer .to .the .arrangements .concerning .the .organization .of .a .workshop .entitled .“Workshop .on .the .Use .of .Handheld .Devices .(HHD) .for .Population .Censuses . in .the .ESCWA .Region” .(hereinafter .referred .to .as .“the .Workshop”) .The .Workshop .will .be . organized .by .the .United .Nations .represented .by .the .Department .of .Economic .and .Social . Affairs .(hereinafter .referred .to .as .“the .United .Nations”) .and .the .Government .of .the .Sultanate .of .Oman .represented .by .Ministry .of .National .Economy .(hereinafter .referred .to .as .“the .

      1 . United .Nations, .Treaty Series, .vol .1, .p .1 , .and .vol .90, .p .327 .(corrigendum .to .vol .1)

      2 . For .the .list .of .the .States .parties, .see .Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary-General (United .Nations .publication, .Sales .No .E 0 V 3, .ST/LEG/SER E/23), .vol .I, .chap .III

      3 . Entered .into .force .on .2 .March .2004, .in .accordance .with .the .provisions .of .the .letters


      Government”) .With .the .present .letter, .I .wish .to .obtain .your .Government’s .acceptance .of . the .following:

      1 . The .Workshop .will .be .attended .by .the .following .participants:

      (a) . up .to .30 .regional .participants, .from .the .ESCWA .countries .selected .by .the .United . Nations;

      (b) . local .government .officials .selected .by .the .Government;

      (c) . one .official .from .the .United .Nations .and .one .official .from .ESCWA; .and

      (d) . other .participants, .invited .as .observers .by .the .United .Nations .and .the .Government, .including .representatives .from .the .United .Nations .system

      2 . The .total .number .of .participants .will .be .approximately . 0 .The .list .of .participants . will .be .determined .by .the .United .Nations .in .consultation .with .the .Government .prior .to . the .holding .of .the .Workshop

      3 . The .Workshop .will .be .conducted .in .Arabic, .with .simultaneous .interpretation .into . English

      4 . The .United .Nations .will .be .responsible .for:

      (a) . the .invitations .as .well .as .the .selection .of .national .participants .from .ESCWA . countries .and .participants .from .other .international .organizations;

      (b) . the .cost .of .interpretation; .and

      (c) . administrative .arrangements .and .costs .relating .to .the .issuance .of .airline .tickets . and .the .payment .of .subsistence .allowance .for .the .participants .specified .in .sub-paragraphs . l .a) .and .l .c)

      . The .Government .will .be .responsible .for:

      (a) . organizing .the .Workshop .and .the .preparation .of .the .appropriate .documentation . in .consultation .with .the .United .Nations .and .the .cost .of .document .production .in .Arabic;

      (b) . meeting .facilities .for .the .Workshop;

      (c) . substantive .support .during .and .after .Workshop;

      (d) . local .counterpart .staff .to .assist .with .the .planning .and .any .necessary .administrative .support .during .the .Workshop;

      (e) . any .costs .related .to .the .participation .of .national .participants .specified .in .sub-paragraph .l .b);

      (f) . any . necessary . office . supplies . and . equipment, . including . stationery, . personal . computers, .typewriters .and .photocopiers; .and

      (g) . other .local .logistics .and .organizational .services .in .support .of .the .Workshop . including .hotel .and .transportation .arrangements

      6 . The .Workshop .will .be .held .in .Muscat, .Oman .from .the .4th .to .the .6th .of .April . 2004 .at .the .offices .of .the .Ministry .of .National .Economy .All .facilities .will .be .arranged .by . the .Government .in .consultation .with .the .United .Nations

      7 . The .cost .of .transportation .and .daily .subsistence .allowance .for .observers, .as .specified .in .sub-paragraph .I .d) .above, .will .be .the .responsibility .of .their .organizations

      8 . As .the .Workshop .will .be .convened .by .the .United .Nations, .I .wish .to .propose .that . the .following .terms .shall .apply:

      . chapter .II .

      (a) . The .Convention .on .the .Privileges .and .Immunities .of .the .United .Nations .adopted . by .the .General .Assembly .on .13 .February .1946 .(hereinafter .referred .to .as .“the .Convention”), . shall .be .applicable .in .respect .of .the .Workshop

      (b) . In .particular, .the .representatives .of .States .participating .in .the .Workshop .shall . enjoy .the .privileges .and .immunities .provided .under .Article .IV .of .the .Convention .The .participants .invited .by .the .United .Nations .shall .enjoy .the .privileges .and .immunities .accorded . to .experts .on .mission .for .the .United .Nations .by .Articles .VI .and .VII .of .the .Convention . Officials .of .the .United .Nations .participating .in .or .performing .functions .in .connection . with .the .Workshop .shall .enjoy .the .privileges .and .immunities .provided .under .articles .V . and .VII .of .the .Convention .Officials .of .the .specialized .agencies .participating .in .the .Workshop .shall .be .accorded .the .privileges .and .immunities .provided .under .Articles .VI .and .VIII . of .the .Convention .on .the .Privileges .and .Immunities .of .the .Specialized .Agencies, .adopted . by .the .General .Assembly .on .21 .November .1947

      (c) . Without .prejudice .to .the .provisions .of .the .Convention, .all .participants .and .persons .performing .functions .in .connection .with .the .Workshop .shall .enjoy .such .privileges . and .immunities, .facilities .and .courtesies .as .are .necessary .for .the .independent .exercise .of . their .functions .in .connection .with .the .Workshop;

      (d) . Personnel .provided .by .the .Government .pursuant .to .this .Agreement .shall .enjoy . immunity .from .legal .process .in .respect .of .words .spoken .or .written .and .any .act .performed . by .them .in .their .official .capacity .in .connection .with .the .Workshop;

      (e) . All .participants .and .all .persons .performing .functions .in .connection .with .the . Workshop .shall .have .the .right .of .unimpeded .entry .into .and .exit .from .the .Sultanate .of . Oman .Visas .and .entry .permits, .where .required, .shall .be .granted .free .of .charge .and .as . speedily .as .possible .When .applications .are .made .four .weeks .before .the .opening .of .the . Workshop, .visas .shall .be .granted .not .later .than .two .weeks .before .the .opening .of .the .Workshop .If .the .application .is .made .less .than .four .weeks .before .the .opening, .visas .shall .be . granted .as .speedily .as .possible .and .not .later .than .three .days .before .the .opening .Arrangements .shall .also .be .made .to .ensure .that .visas .for .the .duration .of .the .Workshop .are .delivered .at .the .airport .of .arrival .to .those .who .are .unable .to .obtain .them .prior .to .their .arrival . Exit .permits, .where .required, .shall .be .granted .free .of .charge, .as .speedily .as .possible .and .in . any .case .not .later .than .three .days .before .the .closing .of .the .Workshop

      9 . The .Government .shall .furnish .such .police .protection .as .is .required .to .ensure .the . effective .functioning .of .the .Workshop .in .an .atmosphere .of .security .and .tranquillity .free . from .interference .of .any .kind .While .such .police .services .shall .be .under .the .direct .supervision .and .control .of .a .senior .officer .provided .by .the .government, .this .officer .shall .work .in . close .co-operation .with .a .designated .senior .official .of .the .United .Nations

      10 . It .is .further .understood .that .the .Government .shall .be .responsible .for .dealing . with .any .action, .claim .or .other .demand .against .the .United .Nations .or .its .officials .arising . out .of:

      (a) . Injury .to .persons .or .damage .to .or .loss .of .property .in .conference .or .office .premises .provided .for .the .Workshop;

      (b) . Injury .to .persons .or .damage .to .or .loss .of .property .caused .by .or .incurred .in .using . any .transport .services .that .are .provided .for .the .Workshop .by .or .under .the .control .of .the . Government;


      (c) . The .employment .for .the .Workshop .of .personnel .provided .or .arranged .for .by .the . Government

      And .the .Government .shall .indemnify .and .hold .harmless .the .United .Nations .and .its . personnel .in .respect .of .any .such .action, .claim .or .other .demand

      11 . Any .dispute .concerning .the .interpretation .or .implementation .of .this .Agreement, . except .for .a .dispute .subject .to .the .appropriate .provisions .of .the .Convention .that .is .regulated .by .Section .30 .of .the .Convention, .shall, .unless .the .parties .otherwise .agree, .be .resolved .by . negotiations .or .any .other .agreed .mode .of .settlement .Any .such .dispute .that .is .not .settled . by .negotiation .or .any .other .agreed .mode .of .settlement .shall .be .submitted .at .the .request . of .either .party .of .a .final .decision .to .a .tribunal .of .three .arbitrators, .one .of .whom .shall .be . appointed .by .the .Secretary-General .of .the .United .Nations, .one .by .the .Government .and . the .third, .who .shall .be .the .Chairman, .by .the .other .two .arbitrators .If .either .party .does...

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