Chapter V. Decisions of Administrative Tribunals of the United Nations and related intergovernmental organizations


A. Decisions of the United Nations Administrative Tribunal 1. Judgement No. 1169 (23 July 2004): Abebe v. the Secretary-General of the United Nations Receivability ratione temporis—Waiver of time limits pursuant to rule 111.3 (d) of the staff rules—Appointments under the 200 Series Staff Regulations and Rules in contravention of ST/AI/297—Legal expectancy of renewal—Eligibility to apply and entitlement to a position—Gender parity rules—General Assembly resolution 49/167 of 23 December 1994 and ST/AI/412—Promotion of General Service staff to Professional posts outside the framework of competitive examinations—General Assembly resolution 33/143 of 20 December 1978 2. Judgement No. 1175 (23 July 2004): Ikegame v. the Secretary-General of the United Nations Forum non conveniens—Authority to take disciplinary actions for alleged misconducts occurring during secondment—Inter-Organization Agreement concerning Transfers, Secondment or Loan of Staff—Double jeopardy—Serious misconduct—Proportionality of disciplinary sanctions—Length of suspension pending disciplinary proceedings—Staff rule 110 1 and 2—Right to due process—Failure to notify staff of composition of Joint Disciplinary Committee—Conflict of interest—ST/AI/371 3. Judgement No. 1181 (23 July 2004): Abu Kashef v. the Commissioner- General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA or the Agency) Termination of the Applicant’s services in the interest of the Agency—UNRWA Area staff regulation 9.1—Unsatisfactory professional conduct and performance of staff—Misuse of laissez-pass... (see full summary)


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A. Decisions of the united nations Administrative Tribunal2

1. Judgement No. 1169 (23 July 2004): Abebe v .the Secretary-General of the United Nations3

Receivability .ratione temporis—Waiver .of .time .limits .pursuant .to .rule .111 3 .(d) . of . the . staff . rules—Appointments . under . the . 200 . Series . Staff . Regulations . and . Rules .in .contravention .of .ST/AI/2974—Legal .expectancy .of .renewal—Eligibility . to .apply .and .entitlement .to .a .position—Gender .parity .rules—General .Assembly . resolution .49/167 .of .23 .December .1994 .and .ST/AI/412—Promotion .of .General .Service . staff .to .Professional .posts .outside .the .framework .of .competitive .examinations— General .Assembly .resolution .33/143 .of .20 .December .1978

1 . In .view .of .the .large .number .of .judgements .which .were .rendered .in .2004 .by .the .administrative . tribunals .of .the .United .Nations .and .related .intergovernmental .organizations, .only .those .judgements . which .address .significant .issues .of .United .Nations .administrative .law .or .are .otherwise .of .general .interest .have .been .summarized .in .the .present .edition .of .the .Yearbook .For .the .full .text .of .the .complete .series . of .judgements .rendered .by .the .tribunals, .namely, .Judgements .Nos .1164 .to .1222 .of .the .United .Nations . Administrative .Tribunal, .Judgements .Nos .2271 .to .2374 .of .the .Administrative .Tribunal .of .the .International .Labour .Organization, .Decisions .Nos .309 .to .329 .of .the .World .Bank .Administrative .Tribunal, .and . Judgement .No .2004–1 .of .the .International .Monetary .Fund .Administrative .Tribunal, .see, .respectively, . documents .AT/DEC/1164 .to .AT/DEC/1222; .Judgements .of .the .Administrative .Tribunal .of .the .International .Labour .Organization: .96th .and .97th .Sessions; .World .Bank .Administrative .Tribunal .Reports, . 2004; .and .International .Monetary .Fund .Administrative .Tribunal .Reports, .Judgement .No .2004–1

2 . The .Administrative .Tribunal .of .the .United .Nations .is .competent .to .hear .and .pass .judgment . upon .applications .alleging .non-observance .of .contracts .of .employment .of .staff .members .of .the .United . Nations .Secretariat .or .of .their .terms .of .appointment .In .addition, .the .Tribunal’s .competence .extends .to . the .United .Nations .Joint .Staff .Pension .Fund .(including .cases .from .all .specialized .agencies .that .participate .in .the .Fund .and .which .have .accepted .the .jurisdiction .of .the .Tribunal .in .Pension .Fund .cases), .the . United .Nations .Programmes .and .Funds, .such .specialized .agencies .and .related .organizations .that .have . accepted .the .competence .of .the .Tribunal .(the .International .Maritime .Organization .and .the .International .Civil .Aviation .Organization), .the .staff .of .the .Registries .of .the .International .Court .of .Justice, .the . International .Tribunal .for .the .Law .of .the .Sea, .and .the .staff .of .the .International .Seabed .Authority .For . more .information .about .the .United .Nations .Administrative .Tribunal .and .the .full .texts .of .its .judgements, . see .http://untreaty un org/UNAT/main_page htm

3 . Julio .Barboza, .President; .and .Omer .Yousif .Bireedo .and .Jacqueline .R .Scott, .Members

4 . Administrative .instructions .describe .instructions .and .procedures .for .the .implementation .of .the . Financial .Regulations .and .Rules, .Staff .Regulations .and .Rules .or .Secretary-General’s .bulletins .and .are .


The .Applicant .entered .the .service .of .the .United .Nations .Economic .Commission .for . Africa .(ECA) .at .the .G- .level, .as .an .English .Secretary, .on .2 .October .1977 .Her .contract .was . subsequently .extended .and, .on .1 .August .1982, .she .received .a .permanent .appointment

On .8 .March .1990, .the .Applicant, .who .was .serving .at .the .G-6 .level, .applied .for .the .L-1 . level .post .of .Project .Administrative .Officer .On .30 .August .that .year, .she .was .offered .a .one-year .intermediate-term .appointment .as .Acting .Project .Administrative .Officer, .at .the .level . L-1, .step .1, .under .the .200 .Series .of .the .Staff .Regulations .and .Rules .She .was .advised .that .her . appointment .would .be .subject .to .her .resignation .from .her .permanent .post; .accordingly, . on .3 .September, .she .resigned .from .her .permanent .post .and .accepted .the .offer .Thereafter, . the .Applicant’s .200 .Series .contract .was .extended .several .times .until .she .was .informed, .on . 16 .January .1996, .that .her .appointment .would .not .be .extended .beyond .31 .January .1996, .due . to .lack .of .funds

On .2 .April .1996, .ECA .advised .the .Office .of .Human .Resources .Management .(OHRM) . that .a .number .of .General .Service .staff .members .had .been .given .200 .Series .appointments . for .extended .periods .of .time .and .had .been .given, .or .had .assumed, .career .expectations . under .this .Series .On .19 .April, .OHRM .responded .that .the .staff .members .in .question .had . received .200 .Series .appointments .in .contravention .of .administrative .instruction .ST/AI/297 . and .of .the .delegation .of .authority .to .ECA .OHRM .suggested .that .the .staff .members .might . be .re-employed .at .the .General .Service .level, .if .posts .were .available .to .accommodate .them . On .10 .May, .the .Legal .Adviser, .ECA, .informed .the .Executive .Secretary .that .the .staff .members .had .not .been .“properly .advised .as .to .the .consequences .of .the .200 .Series .appointment ” . He .continued, .“[t]he .only .remedy .I .see .to .this .is .that .on .expiry .of .their .present .contract[s,] . ECA .seek .exceptional .approval .to .reinstate .them .in .the .100 .Series .at .the .[General .Service] . level .they .had .at .the .time .of .the .200 .Series .appointment ”

On .31 .July .1996, .the .Applicant .was .reinstated .at .her .previous .G-6 .level .with .retroactive . effect .as .of .1 .February .On .2 .August, .the .Applicant .sent .an .“appeal” .against .the .decision . to .reinstate .her .at .the .General .Service .level .to .the .Executive .Secretary .and .after .extensive . correspondence .on .the .matter, .she .reiterated .this .request .on .7 .March .1997 .Thereafter, .she . requested .administrative .review

On .11 .August .1997, .the .Applicant .lodged .an .appeal .with .the .Joint .Appeals .Board .(JAB) . in .New .York .In .its .report .of .7 .December .1999, .the .JAB .found .the .case .receivable, .ratione temporis, .as .exceptional .circumstances .existed .in .the .case .which .warranted .a .waiver .of .the . time .limits, .pursuant .to .staff .rule .111 3 .(d) .It .found .that .ECA .should .have .considered .the . Applicant .for .promotion .to .the .Professional .level .in .view .of .her .education, .performance, . and .the .Organization’s .goal .of .increasing .the .number .of .women .serving .at .that .level, .as . mandated .by .General .Assembly .resolution .49/167 .of .23 .December .1994 .and .ST/AI/412 .The . JAB .concluded .that .the .Applicant .deserved .full .and .fair .consideration .for .appointment .at . the .Professional .level .and .recommended .that .the .Secretary-General .order .ECA .to .make . bona .fide .efforts .to .find .her .“a .suitable .post .at .the .Professional .level,” .in .conformity .with . ST/AI/412 .On .10 .April .2000, .the .Applicant .was .informed .that .the .Secretary-General .did . not .agree .with .the .JAB’s .conclusions .as, .pursuant .to .General .Assembly .resolution .33/143 . of .20 .December .1978, .the .promotion .of .staff .from .the .General .Service .category .to .the . Professional .category .is .made .exclusively .through .competitive .examination .Accordingly, .

promulgated .and .signed .by .the .Under-Secretary-General .for .Administration .and .Management .or .by . other .officials .to .whom .the .Secretary-General .has .delegated .specific .authority .(see .ST/SGB/1997/1) .

. chapter .V . 2 3 he .had .decided .to .take .no .further .action .in .her .case .On .30 .April .2002, .the .Applicant .filed . her .Application .with .the .Tribunal

In .its .consideration .of .the .case, .the .Tribunal .agreed .with .the .JAB .that .the .case .was . receivable, .ratione temporis. .The .Tribunal .found .that .the .Applicant .and .the .Organization . were .involved .in .ongoing .communication .in .an .effort .to .resolve .her .situation .and, .whether . her .request .for .administrative .review .was .submitted .on .21 .March .1997, .as .claimed .by .the . Applicant, .or .on .13 .May .1997, .per .the .Respondent, .it .fell .within .the .required .two-month . time .limit .Accordingly, .the .Tribunal .proceeded .to .consider .the .substantive .question .of . whether .the .Applicant .was .entitled .to .be .placed .against .another .Professional .post .when . her .200 .Series .appointment .ended

The .Tribunal .recalled .that, .in .ordinary .circumstances, .given .the .temporary .nature .of . 200 .Series .posts; .the .fact .that .the .Applicant .was .notified .on .several .occasions .that .her .post . was .in .danger .of .non-renewal; .and, .in .the .absence .of .an .express .promise .that .her .contract . would .be .renewed, .she .would .not .have .a .legal .expectancy .of .renewal .of .her .appointment . Despite .the .fact .that .the .Respondent .had .admitted .his .culpability .in .putting .the .Applicant . in .the .untenable .situation .in .which .she .found .herself, .having .resigned .her .permanent .position, .the .Tribunal .found .that .the .Applicant .had .not .provided .any .evidence .that .she .was . given .an .expectation .of .a .career .under .the .200 .Series .The .Tribunal .thus .concluded .that . she .did .not .have .a .legal .expectancy .to .a .career .under...

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