Chapter III. General review of the legal activities of the United Nations and related intergovernmental organizations

  1. general review of the legal activities of the united nations

    1. membership of the united nations

      As .at .31 .December .2004, .the .number .of .Member .States .remained .at .191

    2. Peace and security

      (a) Peacekeeping missions and operations

      (i) Peacekeeping operations and missions established in 2004

      1. Côte d’Ivoire

        On .27 .February .2004, .the .Security .Council .adopted .resolution .1528 .and, .acting .under . Chapter .VII .of .the .Charter, .decided .to .establish .the .United .Nations .Operation .in .Côte . d’Ivoire .(UNOCI) .for .an .initial .period .of .12 .months .as .from .4 .April .2004 .The .Security . Council .requested .the .Secretary-General .to .transfer .authority .from .the .United .Nations . Mission .in .Côte .d’Ivoire .(MINUCI) .and .the .Economic .Community .of .West .African .States . (ECOWAS) .forces .to .UNOCI .on .4 .April .2004

        The .Security .Council .also .decided .that .UNOCI, .in .coordination .with .the .French . forces .stationed .in .Côte .d’Ivoire .as .authorized .in .the .resolution, .would .have .the .mandate . to .facilitate .the .implementation .by .the .Ivorian .parties .of .the .peace .agreement .signed .by . them .in .January .2003 .by, .inter alia, .monitoring .the .ceasefire .and .movements .of .armed . groups; .assisting .in .the .disarmament, .demobilization .and .reintegration .programme .and . in .the .establishment .of .a .secure .environment .for .humanitarian .assistance, .United .Nations . personnel .and .civilians .in .general; .assisting .the .Government .of .National .Reconciliation .in . the .electoral .process; .providing .advice .in .the .restoration .of .law .and .order; .and .contributing .to .the .promotion .and .protection .of .human .rights .in .the .country

        The .Council .further .requested .the .Secretary-General .and .the .Government .of .National .Reconciliation .to .conclude .a .status-of-forces .agreement .within .30 .days .of .adoption .of . the .resolution, .taking .into .consideration .General .Assembly .resolution .58/82 .on .the .scope . of .legal .protection .under .the .Convention .on .the .Safety .of .United .Nations .and .Associated .


        Personnel, .1994,1 .and .noted .that, .pending .the .conclusion .of .such .an .agreement, .the .model . status-of-forces .agreement .of .9 .October .1990 .shall .apply .provisionally 2

      2. Haiti

        On .20 .April .2004, .the .Security .Council, .acting .under .Chapter .VII .of .the .Charter, . adopted .resolution .1542, .by .which .it .decided .to .establish, .as .envisaged .in .resolution .1529 . (2004), .the .United .Nations .Stabilization .Mission .in .Haiti .(MINUSTAH) .for .an .initial . period .of .six .months, .to .succeed .to .the .Multinational .Interim .Force .(MIF),3 .and .requested . that .authority .be .transferred .from .MIF .to .MINUSTAH .on .1 .June .2004

        MINUSTAH’s .mandate .included .providing .assistance .to .the .Transitional .Government .in .reforming .the .national .police, .implementing .a .disarmament, .demobilization .and . reintegration .programme, .restoring .the .rule .of .law, .public .safety .and .public .order .and . protecting .United .Nations .personnel .and .civilians .It .was .also .mandated .to, .inter alia, .support .the .political .process .by .fostering .principles, .democratic .governance .and .institutional . development .and .the .organization .of .free .elections, .and .to .support .the .Transitional .Government .in .promoting .and .protecting .human .rights .and .investigating .violations .thereof

        The .Council .further .requested .the .Haitian .authorities .to .conclude .a .status-of-forces . agreement .with .the .Secretary-General .within .30 .days .of .adoption .of .the .resolution, .and . noted .that, .pending .the .conclusion .of .such .an .agreement, .the .model .status-of-forces .agreement .of .9 .October .1990 .shall .apply .provisionally

        By .resolution .1576 .adopted .on .29 .November .2004, .the .Security .Council, .acting .under . Chapter .VII .of .the .Charter, .decided .to .extend .the .mandate .of .MINUSTAH .until .1 .June . 2005, .with .the .intention .to .renew .it .for .further .periods

      3. Burundi

        The .United .Nations .Operation .in .Burundi .(ONUB) .was .established .for .an .initial .period .of .six .months .by .Security .Council .resolution .1545 .adopted .on .21 .May .2004 .The .Security .Council, .acting .under .Chapter .VII .of .the .Charter, .decided .to .authorize .the .deployment . of .a .peacekeeping .operation .in .Burundi .in .order .to .support .and .help .to .implement .efforts . undertaken .by .Burundians .to .restore .lasting .peace .and .bring .about .national .reconciliation, .as .provided .under .the .Arusha .Peace .and .Reconciliation .Agreement .for .Burundi, . signed .at .Arusha .on .28 .August .2000

        The .Security .Council .authorized .ONUB .to .use .all .necessary .means .to .carry .out .its . mandate, .within .its .capacity .and .in .the .areas .where .its .armed .units .are .deployed, .and .in . coordination .with .humanitarian .and .development .communities .The .mandate .of .ONUB . consists .in, .inter alia, .monitoring .ceasefire .agreements .and .disarmament .and .demobilization .programmes; .contributing .to .the .creation .of .a .secure .environment .for .the .return .of . refugees .and .displaced .persons .and .the .completion .of .the .electoral .process; .and .assisting .

        1 . United .Nation, .Treaty Series, .vol .2051, .p .363

        2 . A/45/594

        3 . The .deployment .of .MIF .was .authorized .by .Security .Council .resolution .1529 .( .2004) .and .is .discussed .further .under .the .heading .“Action .of .Member .States .authorized .by .the .Security .Council”

        . chapter .III . 11

        and .advising .the .transitional .Government .in .its .constitutional .and .institutional .reforms, . including .of .the .judiciary

        The .Council .requested .the .transitional .Government .of .Burundi .to .conclude .a .status-of-forces .agreement .for .ONUB .with .the .Secretary-General .within .30 .days, .taking .into . consideration .General .Assembly .resolution .58/82 .on .the .scope .of .legal .protection .under . the .Convention .on .the .Safety .of .United .Nations .and .Associated .Personnel, .1994, .and .noted . that .pending .the .conclusion .of .such .an .agreement, .the .model .status-of-forces .agreement . for .peacekeeping .operations .of .9 .October .1990 .shall .apply .provisionally

        On .1 .December .2004, .the .Security .Council .adopted .resolution .1577, .and .acting .under . Chapter .VII .of .the .Charter, .the .Council .extended .the .mandate .of .ONUB, .as .defined .in .its . resolution .1545 .(2004), .to .1 .June .2005

        (ii) Changes in the mandate and/or extensions of time limits of ongoing peacekeeping operations or missions in 2004

      4. Cyprus

        The .Peacekeeping .Force .in .Cyprus .(UNFICYP) .was .established .by .Security .Council . resolution .186 .(1964) .The .Security .Council, .by .resolution .1548 .adopted .on .11 .June .2004 . and .resolution .1568 .adopted .on .22 .October .2004, .extended .the .mandate .of .UNFICYP . until .15 .December .2004 .and .15 .June .2005, .respectively

      5. Syria and Israel

        The .United .Nations .Disengagement .Observer .Force .(UNDOF) .was .established .by . Security .Council .resolution .350 .(1974) .The .Security .Council, .by .resolution .1525 .adopted . on .30 .January .2004, .resolution .1550 .adopted .on .29 .June .2004 .and .resolution .1578 .adopted . on .15 .December .2004, .extended .UNDOF’s .mandate .until .31 .July .2004, .31 .December .2004 . and .30 .June .2005, .respectively

      6. Lebanon

        The .United .Nations .Interim .Force .in .Lebanon .(UNIFIL) .was .established .by .Security . Council .resolutions .425 .(1978) .and .426 .(1978) .The .Security .Council, .by .resolution .1553 . adopted .on .29 .July .2004, .extended .UNIFIL’s .current .mandate .until .31 .January .2005

      7. Western Sahara

        The .United .Nations .Mission .for .the .Referendum .in .Western .Sahara .(MINURSO) .was . established .by .Security .Council .resolution .690 .(1991) .The .Security .Council, .by .resolution . 1570 .adopted .on .28 .October .2004, .extended .the .mandate .of .MINURSO .until .30 .April .2005

      8. Georgia

        The .United .Nations .Observer .Mission .in .Georgia .(UNOMIG) .was .established .by . Security .Council .resolution .858 .(1993) .The .Security .Council, .by .resolution .1524 .adopted . on .30 .January .2004 .and .resolution .1554 .adopted .on .29 .July .2004, .extended .UNOMIG’s . mandate, .until .31 .July .2004 .and .31 .January .2005, .respectively


      9. Sierra Leone

        The .United .Nations .Mission .in .Sierra .Leone .(UNAMSIL) .was .established .by .Security . Council .1270 .(1999) .The .Security .Council, .by .resolution .1537 .adopted .on .30 .March .2004 . and .resolution .1562 .adopted .on .17 .September .2004, .extended .UNAMSIL’s .mandate, .until . 30 .September .2004 .and .30 .June .2005, .respectively

      10. Democratic Republic of the Congo

        The .United .Nations .Organization .Mission .in .the .Democratic .Republic .of .the .Congo . (MONUC) .was .established .by .Security .Council .resolution .1279 .(1999) .On .12 .March .2004, . the .Security .Council .adopted .resolution .1533 .and, .acting .under .Chapter .VII .of .the .Charter, . requested .MONUC .to .continue .to .use .all .means, .within .its .capabilities, .to .carry .out .the .tasks . outlined .in .resolution .1493 .(2003) .and, .in .particular, .to .inspect, .without .notice .as .it .deems . it .necessary, .the .cargo .of .aircraft .and .of .any .transport .vehicle .using .the .ports, .airports, .airfields, .military .bases .and .border .crossings .in .North .and .South .Kivu .and .in .Ituri

        The .Security .Council, .by .resolution .1565 .adopted .on .1 .October .2004, .acting .under . Chapter .VII .of .the .Charter, .extended .the .deployment .of .MONUC .until .31 .March .2005 .and . gave .MONUC .a .series .of .new .responsibilities...

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