Chapter III. General review of the legal activities of the United Nations and related intergovernmental organizations


A. General review of the legal activities of the United Nations 1. Membership of the United Nations 117 2. Peace and security (a) Peacekeeping missions and operations (b) Political and peacebuilding missions and offices (c) Other peacekeeping matters (d) Action of Member States authorized by the Security Council (e) Sanctions imposed under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations (f) Terrorism (g) Human rights and humanitarian questions considered by the Security Council 3. Disarmament and related matters (a) Nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation issues (b) Biological and chemical weapons issues (c) Conventional weapons issues (d) Regional disarmament activities of the United Nations (e) Other issues 4. Legal aspects of peaceful uses of outer space 144 5. Human Rights (a) Sessions of the United Nations human rights bodies and treaty bodies (b) Human rights issues in general (c) Human rights treaty bodies (d) Migrants and migrant workers (e) Right to travel (f) Right to food (g) Enforced or involuntary disappearances (h) Religious intolerance (i) Extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions (j) Terrorism and human rights (k) Missing persons (l) Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading... (see full summary)

  1. general review of the legal activities of the united nations

    1. membership of the united nations

      As .at .31 .December .2004, .the .number .of .Member .States .remained .at .191

    2. Peace and security

      (a) Peacekeeping missions and operations

      (i) Peacekeeping operations and missions established in 2004

      1. Côte d’Ivoire

        On .27 .February .2004, .the .Security .Council .adopted .resolution .1528 .and, .acting .under . Chapter .VII .of .the .Charter, .decided .to .establish .the .United .Nations .Operation .in .Côte . d’Ivoire .(UNOCI) .for .an .initial .period .of .12 .months .as .from .4 .April .2004 .The .Security . Council .requested .the .Secretary-General .to .transfer .authority .from .the .United .Nations . Mission .in .Côte .d’Ivoire .(MINUCI) .and .the .Economic .Community .of .West .African .States . (ECOWAS) .forces .to .UNOCI .on .4 .April .2004

        The .Security .Council .also .decided .that .UNOCI, .in .coordination .with .the .French . forces .stationed .in .Côte .d’Ivoire .as .authorized .in .the .resolution, .would .have .the .mandate . to .facilitate .the .implementation .by .the .Ivorian .parties .of .the .peace .agreement .signed .by . them .in .January .2003 .by, .inter alia, .monitoring .the .ceasefire .and .movements .of .armed . groups; .assisting .in .the .disarmament, .demobilization .and .reintegration .programme .and . in .the .establishment .of .a .secure .environment .for .humanitarian .assistance, .United .Nations . personnel .and .civilians .in .general; .assisting .the .Government .of .National .Reconciliation .in . the .electoral .process; .providing .advice .in .the .restoration .of .law .and .order; .and .contributing .to .the .promotion .and .protection .of .human .rights .in .the .country

        The .Council .further .requested .the .Secretary-General .and .the .Government .of .National .Reconciliation .to .conclude .a .status-of-forces .agreement .within .30 .days .of .adoption .of . the .resolution, .taking .into .consideration .General .Assembly .resolution .58/82 .on .the .scope . of .legal .protection .under .the .Convention .on .the .Safety .of .United .Nations .and .Associated .


        Personnel, .1994,1 .and .noted .that, .pending .the .conclusion .of .such .an .agreement, .the .model . status-of-forces .agreement .of .9 .October .1990 .shall .apply .provisionally 2

      2. Haiti

        On .20 .April .2004, .the .Security .Council, .acting .under .Chapter .VII .of .the .Charter, . adopted .resolution .1542, .by .which .it .decided .to .establish, .as .envisaged .in .resolution .1529 . (2004), .the .United .Nations .Stabilization .Mission .in .Haiti .(MINUSTAH) .for .an .initial . period .of .six .months, .to .succeed .to .the .Multinational .Interim .Force .(MIF),3 .and .requested . that .authority .be .transferred .from .MIF .to .MINUSTAH .on .1 .June .2004

        MINUSTAH’s .mandate .included .providing .assistance .to .the .Transitional .Government .in .reforming .the .national .police, .implementing .a .disarmament, .demobilization .and . reintegration .programme, .restoring .the .rule .of .law, .public .safety .and .public .order .and . protecting .United .Nations .personnel .and .civilians .It .was .also .mandated .to, .inter alia, .support .the .political .process .by .fostering .principles, .democratic .governance .and .institutional . development .and .the .organization .of .free .elections, .and .to .support .the .Transitional .Government .in .promoting .and .protecting .human .rights .and .investigating .violations .thereof

        The .Council .further .requested .the .Haitian .authorities .to .conclude .a .status-of-forces . agreement .with .the .Secretary-General .within .30 .days .of .adoption .of .the .resolution, .and . noted .that, .pending .the .conclusion .of .such .an .agreement, .the .model .status-of-forces .agreement .of .9 .October .1990 .shall .apply .provisionally

        By .resolution .1576 .adopted .on .29 .November .2004, .the .Security .Council, .acting .under . Chapter .VII .of .the .Charter, .decided .to .extend .the .mandate .of .MINUSTAH .until .1 .June . 2005, .with .the .intention .to .renew .it .for .further .periods

      3. Burundi

        The .United .Nations .Operation .in .Burundi .(ONUB) .was .established .for .an .initial .period .of .six .months .by .Security .Council .resolution .1545 .adopted .on .21 .May .2004 .The .Security .Council, .acting .under .Chapter .VII .of .the .Charter, .decided .to .authorize .the .deployment . of .a .peacekeeping .operation .in .Burundi .in .order .to .support .and .help .to .implement .efforts . undertaken .by .Burundians .to .restore .lasting .peace .and .bring .about .national .reconciliation, .as .provided .under .the .Arusha .Peace .and .Reconciliation .Agreement .for .Burundi, . signed .at .Arusha .on .28 .August .2000

        The .Security .Council .authorized .ONUB .to .use .all .necessary .means .to .carry .out .its . mandate, .within .its .capacity .and .in .the .areas .where .its .armed .units .are .deployed, .and .in . coordination .with .humanitarian .and .development .communities .The .mandate .of .ONUB . consists .in, .inter alia, .monitoring .ceasefire .agreements .and .disarmament .and .demobilization .programmes; .contributing .to .the .creation .of .a .secure .environment .for .the .return .of . refugees .and .displaced .persons .and .the .completion .of .the .electoral .process; .and .assisting .

        1 . United .Nation, .Treaty Series, .vol .2051, .p .363

        2 . A/45/594

        3 . The .deployment .of .MIF .was .authorized .by .Security .Council .resolution .1529 .( .2004) .and .is .discussed .further .under .the .heading .“Action .of .Member .States .authorized .by .the .Security .Council”

        . chapter .III . 11

        and .advising .the .transitional .Government .in .its .constitutional .and .institutional .reforms, . including .of .the .judiciary

        The .Council .requested .the .transitional .Government .of .Burundi .to .conclude .a .status-of-forces .agreement .for .ONUB .with .the .Secretary-General .within .30 .days, .taking .into . consideration .General .Assembly .resolution .58/82 .on .the .scope .of .legal .protection .under . the .Convention .on .the .Safety .of .United .Nations .and .Associated .Personnel, .1994, .and .noted . that .pending .the .conclusion .of .such .an .agreement, .the .model .status-of-forces .agreement . for .peacekeeping .operations .of .9 .October .1990 .shall .apply .provisionally

        On .1 .December .2004, .the .Security .Council .adopted .resolution .1577, .and .acting .under . Chapter .VII .of .the .Charter, .the .Council .extended .the .mandate .of .ONUB, .as .defined .in .its . resolution .1545 .(2004), .to .1 .June .2005

        (ii) Changes in the mandate and/or extensions of time limits of ongoing peacekeeping operations or missions in 2004

      4. Cyprus

        The .Peacekeeping .Force .in .Cyprus .(UNFICYP) .was .established .by .Security .Council . resolution .186 .(1964) .The .Security .Council, .by .resolution .1548 .adopted .on .11 .June .2004 . and .resolution .1568 .adopted .on .22 .October .2004, .extended .the .mandate .of .UNFICYP . until .15 .December .2004 .and .15 .June .2005, .respectively

      5. Syria and Israel

        The .United .Nations .Disengagement .Observer .Force .(UNDOF) .was .established .by . Security .Council .resolution .350 .(1974) .The .Security .Council, .by .resolution .1525 .adopted . on .30 .January .2004, .resolution .1550 .adopted .on .29 .June .2004 .and .resolution .1578 .adopted . on .15 .December .2004, .extended .UNDOF’s .mandate .until .31 .July .2004, .31 .December .2004 . and .30 .June .2005, .respectively

      6. Lebanon

        The .United .Nations .Interim .Force .in .Lebanon .(UNIFIL) .was .established .by .Security . Council .resolutions .425 .(1978) .and .426 .(1978) .The .Security .Council, .by .resolution .1553 . adopted .on .29 .July .2004, .extended .UNIFIL’s .current .mandate .until .31 .January .2005

      7. Western Sahara

        The .United .Nations .Mission .for .the .Referendum .in .Western .Sahara .(MINURSO) .was . established .by .Security .Council .resolution .690 .(1991) .The .Security .Council, .by .resolution . 1570 .adopted .on .28 .October .2004, .extended .the .mandate .of .MINURSO .until .30 .April .2005

      8. Georgia

        The .United .Nations .Observer .Mission .in .Georgia .(UNOMIG) .was .established .by . Security .Council .resolution .858 .(1993) .The .Security .Council, .by .resolution .1524 .adopted . on .30 .January .2004 .and .resolution .1554 .adopted .on .29 .July .2004, .extended .UNOMIG’s . mandate, .until .31 .July .2004 .and .31 .January .2005, .respectively


      9. Sierra Leone

        The .United .Nations .Mission .in .Sierra .Leone .(UNAMSIL) .was .established .by .Security . Council .1270 .(1999) .The .Security .Council, .by .resolution .1537 .adopted .on .30 .March .2004 . and .resolution .1562 .adopted .on .17 .September .2004, .extended .UNAMSIL’s .mandate, .until . 30 .September .2004 .and .30 .June .2005, .respectively

      10. Democratic Republic of the Congo

        The .United .Nations .Organization .Mission .in .the .Democratic .Republic .of .the .Congo . (MONUC) .was .established .by .Security .Council .resolution .1279 .(1999) .On .12 .March .2004, . the .Security .Council .adopted .resolution .1533 .and, .acting .under .Chapter .VII .of .the .Charter, . requested .MONUC .to .continue .to .use .all .means, .within .its .capabilities, .to .carry .out .the .tasks . outlined .in .resolution .1493 .(2003) .and, .in .particular, .to .inspect, .without .notice .as .it .deems . it .necessary, .the .cargo .of .aircraft .and .of .any .transport .vehicle .using .the .ports, .airports, .airfields, .military .bases .and .border .crossings .in .North .and .South .Kivu .and .in .Ituri

        The .Security .Council, .by .resolution .1565 .adopted .on .1 .October .2004, .acting .under . Chapter .VII .of .the .Charter, .extended .the .deployment .of .MONUC .until .31 .March .2005 .and . gave .MONUC .a .series .of .new...

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