Chapter III. General review of the legal activities of the United Nations and related intergovernmental organizations

A. G     
  UN
1. Membership of the UnitedNations
As of 31 December 2014, the number of Member States of the UnitedNations was 193.
2. Peace andSecurity
(a) Peacekeeping missions and operations1
(i) Peacekeeping missions and operations established in 2014
Central Afr ican Republic2
On 3 March 2014, the Secretary-General, in a report submitted pursua nt to
Security Council resolution2127 (2013), recommended that the Council, acting under
ChapterVII of the Charter of the United Nations, authorize the deployment of a multi-
dimensional UnitedNations peacekeeping operation, with t he protection of civilia ns as
its utmost pr iority.3 On 10 April 2014, the Securit yCouncil, by its resolution2149 (2014),
established the UnitedNations Mult idimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the
Central African Republic (MINUSCA) for an initial period until 30 April 2015 and re-
quested the Secretar y-General to subsume the UnitedNations Integrated Peacebui lding
Oce in the Centra l African Republic (BINUCA) in the new mission from the date of
adoption of thatre solution.4
1 e missions a nd operations are listed i n chronological order as per t heir date of establish ment.
2 See subsec tion (e)(i)(a) on action of Member States authori zed by the SecurityC ouncil and sub-
section ( f)(xi) on sanctions concerning t he Central Afric an Republic.
3 S/2014/142. See also the Secret ary-General’s remark s to the SecurityC ouncil on the situation in
the Central A frican Republic on 2 0 February 2014, http://ww p?nid=7471.
4 For more information on MINUSCA s ee S ee also the reports
of the Secreta ry-General on the situat ion in the Central Af rican Republic (S/2014/562 and S/2014/857).
For more information on BIN UCA, see subsection (b)(iv)(b) below.
      
Acting under ChapterVII of the Ch arter of the UnitedNations, the SecurityCounci l
authorized MINUSCA to take all necessary means to carry out its mandate, within its
capabilities and its a reas of deployment. It decided that MINUSCA should initial ly com-
prise up to 10,000 milita ry personnel. e SecurityCounc il further decided that t he man-
date of MINUSCA should init ially focus on: t he protection of civilia ns; support for the
implementation of the transition process, including eorts in favour of the extension of
State authority and preservat ion of territorial integrity; the facilitation of the immedi-
ate, full, sa fe and unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance; the protection of the
UnitedNations; the protection and promotion of human r ights; support for national in-
ternational justice a nd the rule of law; and Dis armament, Demobilization, Reintegration
(DDR) and Repatriation(DDRR).
e SecurityC ouncil also requested the Secretar y-General, in consultation with the
African Union, to deploy a tra nsition team to set up MINUSCA and prepare the sea mless
transition of authority from t he International Support Mission to the Central African
Republic (MISCA) to MINUSCA by 15 September 2014, as well as to appoint a Special
Representative for the Central A frican Republic and Head of Mission of MINUSCA, who
shall assume overa ll authority on the ground for the coordination of all ac tivities of the
UnitedNations system in the Central Af rican Republic.5 In the period preced ing this trans-
fer of authority, MINUSCA implemented the mandated ta sks through its civilia n compo-
nent, while MISCA continued to implement its task s as mandated by SecurityCouncil
resolution2127 (2013).
(ii) Changes in the mandate and/or extensions of time limits of ongoing
peacekeeping operations or missions in 2014
a. Cypr us
e UnitedNations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) was established by
SecurityCou ncil resolution186 (1964) of 4 March 1964.6 e SecurityCounci l decided to
extend the mandate of UN FICYP by resolutions2135 (2014) of 30 January 2014 and 2168
(2014) of 30 July 2014, until 31 July 2014 and 31 January 2015, respectively.
b. Syrian Arab Republic a ndIsrael
e UnitedNations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) was established by
Security Council resolution350 (1974) of 31 March 1974.7 e SecurityCouncil renewed
the mandate of UNDOF by resolutions 2163 (2014) of 25 June 2014 and 2192 (2014) of
18 December 2014 until 31 December 2014 and 30 June 2015, respectively.
5 For more informat ion on MISCA, see subsection (e)(i)(a).
6 For more informat ion on UNFICYP, see https://uncyp.un
7 For more information on U NDOF, see https://undof.unm and t he reports of the
Secretar y-General on the Unite dNations Di sengagement Observer Force ( UNDOF) for the perio d
from 4 December 2013 to 10 March 2014 (S/2014/199), for the period from 11 March to 28 May 2014
(S/2014/401), for the period from 29 May to 3 Se ptember 2014 (S/2014/665), and for the period from
4 September to 19 November 2014 (S/2014/859).
  
c. Lebanon
The United Nations Interi m Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) was established by
Security Council resolutions 425 (1978) and 426 (1978) of 19 March 1978.8 Following a
request by the Lebanese Foreign M inister, presented in a letter dated 25 July 2014 addressed
to the Secretar y-General, the Secretary-Genera l recommended to the SecurityCounci l to
consider the renewal of UNIF IL for a further period of one year.9 By resolution2172(2014)
of 26 August 2014, the Security Council renewed the mandate of U NIFIL until
31 August2015.
d. WesternSahara
e UnitedNations Mission for the Referendum in Western Saha ra (MINURSO)
was established by Secu rityCouncil resolution690 (1991) of 29 April 1991.10 By resolu-
tion2152(2014) of 29 April 2014, the SecurityCounci l decided to extend the mandate of
MINURSO u ntil 30 April2015.
e. Democrat ic Republic of the Congo11
e United Nations Organiz ation Mission in the Democratic Republic of the
Congo (MONUC) was established by Security Council resolution 1279 (1999) of
30 November 1999. As of 1 July 2010, MONUC was renamed UnitedNations Organizat ion
Stabilization Mi ssion in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO).12
Acting under ChapterVII of the Cha rter of the UnitedNations, the SecurityCouncil,
by its resolution2147 (2014) of 28 March 2014, extended the mandate of MONUSCO un-
til 31 March 2015 and decided that the renewed mandate would a lso include, on an ex-
ceptional basis and w ithout creating a prejudice to the agreed principles of peacekeep-
ing, MONUSCO’s “Intervention Brigade” under direct comma nd of the MONUSCO
Force Commander, with the responsibility of neutralizing a rmed groups as set out in
8 For more informat ion on UNIFIL , see https://uni l.unmission See also t he nine-
teenth semi-an nual report of t he Secretar y-General to t he Securit yCounc il on the implementat ion
of Security Council resolution 1559 (2004) (S/2014/296), and twentieth semi-an nual report of the
Secretar y-General to the Securit yCouncil on the implementation of S ecurityCounci l resolution1559
(2004) (S/2014/720), and the reports of the Secre tary-Genera l on the implementation of Secur ityCouncil
resolution1701(2006) (S/2014/438 and S/2014/784).
9 Let ter dated 31 July 2013 from the Secre tary-Gener al addressed t o the President of the
SecurityC ouncil (S/2014/554).
10 For more information on MIN URSO, see https://minurso.unmis See also the report
of the Secreta ry-General on the situat ion concerning Western Saha ra (S/2014/258).
11 See subse ction (f)(iii) on sanctions c oncerning the Democrat ic Republic of the Congo.
12 See Se curity Council resolution 1925 (2010) of 28 May 2010. For more information on
MONUSCO see https://monusco.un See a lso the repor ts of the Secreta ry-Genera l on
the United Nations Organ ization Stabi lization Mi ssion in the Democrat ic Republic of the Congo
(S/2014/157, S/2014/450, S/2014/698 and S/2014/956); the report of t he Secretary-Genera l on the imple-
mentation of the Peace, Sec urity and Cooper ation Framework for the Democrat ic Republic of the Congo
and the Region (S/2014/697); and the repor t of the Secreta ry-General on t he strategic review of the
UnitedNations Organiz ation Stabilizat ion Mission in the Democrat ic Republic of the Congo submitt ed
pursuant to para graph39 of SecurityCou ncil resolution2147 (2014) (S/2014/957).

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