Chapter 8-5 Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act

8-5 Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act

The Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (FCCPA) prohibits certain collection practices of consumer debt.65 Such prohibitions apply to any "person," not only debt collectors.66 The FCCPA lists 19 separate unlawful collection practices, many of which require intent.67 Foreclosure defendants who assert FCCPA counterclaims may recover actual damages, statutory damages up to $1,000, and attorney's fees with court costs.68

One section of the FCCPA, § 559.715, requires the assignee of "the right to bill and collect a consumer debt" to give the debtor written notice of the assignment "as soon as practicable after the assignment is made."69 Nevertheless, Fla. Stat. § 559.715 does not create a condition precedent to foreclosure.70 Moreover, the Second District Court of Appeal takes a restrictive view of Fla. Stat. § 559.715 and holds that the statute "applies only to assignees of the right to bill and collect a consumer debt not to assignees of the debt itself."71 "Neither is it an affirmative defense to foreclosure actions; it does not establish a condition precedent and in no other way avoids the claims to foreclose a mortgage and enforce a note."72



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