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Federal Onshore Oil & Gas Pooling & Unitization - part 2
(Oct 2014)


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Unit Plan of Development and Summary of Previous Year Operation Requirements Due March 1 of Each Year

1. A description of the drilling operations (if any) and other related operations proposed to be performed within the unit during the coming calendar year. Any work that would change a well's producing formation or status (drill deeper, plug back, abandonment, conversion to water supply or injection well, etc.) must be included. Routine stimulation or workover operations need not be reported. If there are no plans to make changes, please so state.

2. A summary of unit operations for the calendar year just completed.

3. Up-to-date maps showing the current geologic interpretation of the unit area to include: structure contour maps showing gas/oil/water contact, faults, pinch-outs, porosity barriers, etc.; net pay maps; and other maps or cross- sections as required to define the unit reservoir(s). Previously submitted maps and cross-sections can be referenced in lieu of re-submittal if no changes have occurred.

4. A field map showing all the wells. Reference previous submittal if no changes have occurred.

5. Performance graphs covering the productive life of each participating area. Injectivity curves must be included. Individual well performance curves are not required.

6. A list showing the status of all wells.

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Tyler Sand Unit

1997 Plan of Development (POD)

Glacier County, Montana

Following is the 1997 Plan of Development and the 1996 Summary of Operations for the above-referenced unit:

1997 Plan of Development

It is planned to P&A Unit Well No. 7 during January 1997. There are no plans for drilling new wells or for other changes in the status of existing wells.

1996 Summary of Operations

A. Geologic Maps and land Plats

No revisions were made to the geologic maps or land plats during 1996.


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