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Nuts & Bolts of Mineral Title Examination
(Apr 2015)


George A. Snell III
Of Counsel
Steptoe & Johnson PLLC
Amarillo, Texas

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GEORGE A. SNELL is Of Counsel at Steptoe & Johnson PLLC in The Woodlands, Texas, but lives in Amarillo, Texas. He focuses his practice in the area of energy law, specifically oil and gas and real property, focusing primarily on the preparation of title opinions for all purposes. George is a nationally recognized author and speaker. His industry knowledge is sought by organizations such as the American Association of Professional Landmen and the National Association of Division Order Analysts. His published works have appeared in the Gas and Mineral Law Sections of various bar associations including the State Bar of Texas, the Dallas Bar Association, and the Houston Bar Association. Snell has also been a featured author and speaker for the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation in Denver, Colorado, as well as the University of Texas Oil, Gas and Mineral Law Institute. He is licensed in both Oklahoma and Texas. George is a graduate of Baylor University.;

GEORGE A. SNELL, III (806) 359-8611; 355-3339 (FAX)
2201 Civic Circle, Ste. 508 E-Mail -
Amarillo, TX 79109


EDUCATION: J. D. Baylor Law School, Waco, Texas - 1972

B.A. Baylor University, Waco, Texas - 1972


Member of the following bar associations: Texas, Oklahoma, Amarillo, Austin, Houston and Tarrant County
Member of the following professional landman associations: American, Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Fort Worth, Dallas, Denver and Permian Basin
Member of the National Association of Division Order Analysts (NADOA), the Oklahoma City Chapter (CAPDOA) and the Tulsa Chapter (SADOA)
Member of the State Bar of Texas Title Standards Joint Editorial Board (1992 - Present)
Member of the National Association of Scholars


Significant Differences in Oil and Gas Principles between Producing States: From the Landman's Perspective - Texas and Oklahoma - Co-author - published in The Landman, 11-12/89 and 1-2/90 issues;
Title Examination of Fee Lands (Constructive Notice Revisited) Author/speaker- Mineral Title Examination IN (1992) Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, Denver, Colorado;
Probate Estates in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana Author/Speaker - 19th Annual NADOA Institute (1992), Dallas, Texas;
A Comparative Review of Oil & Gas Law: Texas-Oklahoma-Arkansas -Co-Author/Co-Speaker- Natural Resources Law Institute (1993), Hot Springs, Arkansas;
Revenge Against the Title Nerds! (How Texas' proposed title standards can help you avoid technical title objections)-Author/Speaker - Review of Oil and Gas Law VIII(1993)- Energy Law Section of the Dallas Bar Association;
Due Diligence Title Review: The Problem Areas, Where to Look and How to Solve. -Author/Speaker - Sixth Annual Dallas Energy Symposium (1994), Dallas, Texas;
Suspense Issues that Affect the Division Order Analyst. - Author/Speaker - 21st Annual NADOA Institute (1994), San Antonio, Texas;
Non-Consenting Mineral Owners. -Author/Speaker - 24th Annual NADOA Institute (1997), New Orleans, Louisiana;
Drafting Tips For Oil & Gas Leases and Conveyance - Author/Speaker - University of Texas 24th Annual Oil, Gas and Mineral Law Institute (1998), Houston, Texas;
State Royalty Payment Statute - State Check Stub Requirement Statutes - Author/Speaker - 2nd Annual National Oil & Gas Royalty Conference (1998), Houston, Texas;
A Model Form Title Opinion Format - Is it Possible? Is it Practical? - Author - Vol. 25, No. 2 - Oil, Gas and Mineral Law Section Report (December, 2000) - State Bar of Texas;
Shut-In Gas Royalty - How to Avoid a Train Wreck - Author/Speaker - St. Mary's University School of Law Mineral/Royalty Owners & Producers Institute (2002), Midland, Texas;
Constructive Notice (A Multi-state perspective)- Author/Speaker-20th Annual Advanced Oil, Gas & Energy Resources Law Institute (2002), Dallas, Texas;
Pooling - From A to Horizontal - Author/Speaker - St. Mary's University School of Law, Mine Fields & Minerals Institute (2003), Midland, Texas;
Accessing Local Records - Preparing the Chain of Title - Author/Speaker - Mineral Title Examination IV (2007) Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, Denver, Colorado;
Legal Descriptions and Wellbore Assignments - Co-Author/Speaker - 25th Annual Advanced Oil, Gas & Energy Resources Law Institute (2007), Houston, Texas.
Basics of Oil & Gas Conveyances - Speaker - 29th Annual Advanced Oil, Gas & Energy Resources Law Course (2011), Houston, Texas.

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I. The Plan

A. The Common Law Background
B. The Statutory Purposes
C. The Statutory Definitions

II. The Pattern

A. Race
B. Notice
C. Race-Notice

III. The Procedure

A. Instruments not required to be Recorded
B. Constructive Notice
1. From proper recording
2. From improper recording?
3. From possession?
C. Actual Notice/Implied Notice-Duty to Inquire/Imputed Notice
D. How They Operate
E. Taking Notice to the Extreme in Texas (and your state too?)
1. The Duhig Rule - Ignoring Notice
2. Westland Oil - Pushing Duty to Inquire off the Page

IV. The Problems

Situation A - Deed from a Stranger to Record Title
Situation B - Does a Purchaser have Notice of Easements Created by Instruments Covering Adjacent Lands that Affect his Land?
Situation C - Does a Purchaser have Actual Notice of an Instrument in his Chain of Title that is Unrecordable but which he or his Agent Personally Examines?
Situation D - Does a Purchaser have Notice of a Deed by his Grantor Executed before his Grantor Acquires Record Title?
Situation E - Multiple Conveyances by a Record Owner while he is a Record Owner
Situation F - Conveyance by a Grantor after he has already conveyed the Land to a Third Party

V. The Protestation

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Part II

VI. The Practice

New Mexico
New York
North Dakota
West Virginia

Exh. A. The Recording Statutes

Exh.B. The Smart Chart


Table of Articles/Secondary Materials

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Part I of the article (Chapters I to V) contains the substantive discussion of the recording acts and how they function in eighteen states...

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