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Channeled Resources Group (CRG) was founded in 1978 in order to purchase and process secondary fibers for the paper industry. Today, with facilities in Chicago, Wisconsin, Indianapolis, and Ontario, CRG has branched into multiple specialty paper and film product lines. We manufacture release liner and blank labels and have become one of the world's largest suppliers of reprocessed, coated, treated and laminated papers and film. At CRG, no job is too small or too large.


Release Liner: CRG silicone coats high quality custom release liner for a variety of applications, including labels, tapes, medical and crafts. Our unique capability of printing the back-side of release liners enables you to enhance your customers' brands. We slit and ship within three weeks of receiving the order, and each customer's silicone formulation is created specifically for their product.

Pressure-Sensitive Label Stock: CRG has the largest inventory in the world of "price tighter" B-grade label stock, first quality offcuts, and set up stock. We slit to our customer's desired size and requirements. All materials ship conveniently out of our 200,000 square foot facility near Wausau, WI.

Breaking News for 2020: CRG will be announcing a new portfolio of best quality pressure-sensitive papers and films at...

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