Changing the Way We Think About Money: Finance & Comptroller in the Future Fight.

Author:Dudley, Sara

All military forces need to reconsider the roles and responsibilities we have settled into since September 11, 2001. The 2018 National Defense Strategy (NDS) recognizes both inter-state and terrorist threats to national security. It is urgent that senior leaders make new capabilities operational.

The NDS emphasizes expanding the competitive space and seizing the initiative through innovative non-kinetic means. We must identify our advantages and target our adversaries' weaknesses. The military mindset of the past 20 years needs to change. As Army Finance and Comptroller professionals, we must understand our own need to change, and also support funding the rest of the Army.

How are we, as Finance and Comptroller (FC), going to change? The answer lies within four target areas--leadership, communication, structure, and orientation. One of the ways in which leadership is addressed through the exercise of fiscal stewardship. Inter-service, inter-branch, and whole of government crosstalk and synchronization is enhancing our communication. The new Organization and Operation Plan addressed the need for FC to restructure. Lastly, the establishment of new core competencies will reorient skill sets. Collectively, these focus areas represent the building blocks for the Army FC community of the future.

As military pay transitions to the Adjutant General Corps, four new core competencies enter codified FC doctrine: stewardship, audit, data analytics, and counter-threat finance. Individually, these change items seem daunting, but when communicated and executed in tandem, they will generate synergies that launch FC forward, in-line with the demands of the NDS. Previous articles in this publication have discussed the Command Accountability and Execution Review program, highlighting Army stewardship efforts, data analytics, and audit efforts. For the broader Comptroller community, this article serves as an initial introduction to the last core competency--counter-threat finance.

The NDS requires ground-breaking vision and leadership. It directs leaders to embark upon top to bottom military reform. The foundational shifts of both core competencies and organization, currently being written into FM 1-06 within the Army FC Corps doctrine, outline the FC plans to support the Army as it arrays its forces and transition to the FC forces of the future. All forces must be suited to challenge the nation's security threats. Expanding the competitive space represents a...

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