Changing the Game: Deep.BI makes data analysis quick and easy for publishers.

Author:Mateos, Evelyn
Position:Look Ahead

Many news publishers are overwhelmed with the amount of solutions out there that promises to convert online readers into paying customers, but Deep.BI has the potential to change the game. The software provider has offices in California, London and Poland.

Recently, Deep.BI made the Recency, Frequency and Volume (RFV) scoring metric developed by the Financial Times available to any media organization.

RFV is a combination of different usage interactions: recency is the number of days since a user had used the product; frequency is the number of days (over of a span of 30 days) a user has been using the product; and volume (content consumption) accounts for page views and time spent listening to radio, podcasts or music services.

Deep.BI goes beyond implementing the scoring metric by creating "fingerprints" of a user. Using the RFV score, Deep.BI takes a snapshot of a user's RFV at any particular moment.

"Because we have this kind of fingerprint data left on all of the data events, we're able to average the data and kind of spilt it anyway we want," Alex Krzoska, deep score product manager, said. "We're able to say, for example, What is the average engagement of a user who read this particular content category?'"

The in-depth information collected by the fingerprints allows publishers to create thresholds for different automatic actions. Krzoska and CEO/CTO Sebastian Zontek explained a publisher can implement the right paywall for their site or as many other actions as they like with the information they receive from Deep.BI.

The process of installing RFV is simple...

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