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AuthorRoach, Betsi

Change. That is the topic of this edition of Strategies. As you can see, we've changed the design of the magazine to be more modern and stylish (just like all of you). we hope you like it!

Throughout 2012, LMA made some other changes to better serve our members, and we talked about these during the annual meeting on April 10 at the annual conference in Las Vegas. As not all of you were able to attend the annual meeting, I wanted to share some of those highlights here:

* Focus on new member recruitment and new group rate. As of Dec. 31, 2012, nearly one-third of our 3,200+ members are part of this group rate.

* Introduction of social Media and CMO shared interest Groups.

* Launch of new LMA website. It's a one-stop-shop for LMA news and information with enhanced features for chapters and discussion forums.

* LMA Intelligence Brief provides industry news, research studies, benchmarking reports and market trends that are relevant to the legal industry business environment, marketing and business development.

* Infrastructure and support for our 19 chapters. The new educational leadership development program instituted as part of the Leaders Conference provides increased training for these key organizational leaders.

These accomplishments and more are driven by tireless volunteers working with our outstanding staff. It takes a lot of dedicated folks to make our association so successful. Thanks to those of you who...

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