Change is accelerating. Calix access innovation is accelerating faster.

Video is proliferating at an accelerating rate. Whether IPTV, YouTube, over-the-top content, telepresence, gaming, video chat or all of the above, the fact is that we are fast becoming residents of an all-video world. According to a studg by Cisco, over 90% of consumer network traffic in 2014 will be video content. Is your network prepared? With the Calix Unified Access portfolio, you'll be ready for the bandwidth demands of the future--today.


Case in point: The E7-20 multi-terabit Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP) represents a new generation of high capacity, low latency Ethernet access solutions. Designed for IP over glass and an all-video world, the E7-20 seamlessly delivers existing fiber technologies (GPON, AE/point-to-point GE). At release, the E7-20 will service up to 480 dedicated Active Ethernet subscribers or 5,120 GPON subscribers, with sufficient headroom to accommodate 20,000 subscribers through the introduction of higher density and higher capacity line cards in the future.


* 2 terabit backplane, 100 Gbps to each slot.

* Optimized for fiber-based greenfield data center and central office deployments.

* Centralized switching controllers that deliver fully redundant, carrier grade performance.

* At release, it will service 480 AE or 5,120 GPON subscribers, with the...

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