Champion Aerospace signs youth apprentices.

It was signing day recently for a couple of Pickens County students. They didn't sign to play any kind of sport, but to work as youth apprentices at Champion Aerospace in Liberty. The apprenticeship program will combine on-the-job learning and job-related education.

Jason Marlin, president of Champion Aerospace, said he started his career as an intern and the company ended up hiring him.

"And the rest is history for me," he said during the signing event. "This is ground where you get to test us and see if this is a place where you want to work and it's our opportunity to test you as young talent in the market."

Three students have signed on as youth apprentices at Champion Aerospace Trenton Riddle, Steven Chappell and Breanna Cathcart.

Riddle, a student at Pickens High School, is joining Champion's materials and logistics team.

"In everything we do we are limited by the supply chain we manage," Marlin said. "We're only as good as our worst supplier, so materials at the end of the day is a critical area for our business."

Chappell, a student at Easley High School, is joining Champion's welding department, Marlin said.

"A lot of our products go through the welding department. We continue to invest in new technology in welding, but a lot of what we do is material joining technology and welding is a big piece of that. What we do is very custom and specific," Marlin said.

Breanna Cathcart, a student at Easley High School, will work in supply chain management at Champion. Cathcart was unable to attend the signing event.

"Today is the beginning of something that will be larger and even better, I think, in the future in the apprenticeship program here at Champion Aerospace," Marlin said. "We've worked for a long time with the colleges and tech schools like Clemson, Greenville Tech and Tri-County Tech. We've now moved that to the next level to start developing the future talent for our company at a younger age, and this signing day today kind of represents the beginning of that process."

The apprenticeship program at Champion Aerospace is registered with Apprenticeship Carolina and the U.S. Department of Labor. A registered program shows an employer's visible...

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