Chamber tip: security and privacy.

Author:Erickson, Hans
Position:Technology - Electronic business security - Brief Article

Security and privacy are two issues that must be considered when doing business online. Currently, a number of approaches are being developed to bring's 'one-click' shopping experience to the masses. This process allows customers to keep all of their shipping, payment and other identifying characteristics safely stored so that when they want to make a purchase, they just click once and get a purchase confirmation.

One solution in the marketplace is the federated identity network developed by the Liberty Alliance, a consortium of more than 60 companies representing a wide variety of industries with operations around the globe. Like Microsoft Passport, the federated identity network enables online shoppers to safely share payment information, so they don't have to re-key it every time they want to do business.

Any business that wants to participate with the Liberty Alliance will be able to use a standard format to create an easy shopping experience for its customers. Companies that want...

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