Chamber tip: professional development.

Author:Castillo, Thelma
Position:Professional Development - Detroit Regional Chamber - Brief Article

Here at the Detroit Regional Chamber, we operate on the principle that we must provide continuous professional development opportunities for our staff at all levels in order to recruit and retain the best people for the job. Our comprehensive Professional Development Training Program consists of four components or modules:

* Orientation--An overview of the Chamber that includes meetings with the different groups to gain a better understanding of how the organization works, basic financial training to understand spreadsheets and financial statements, and a technology training program that includes learning and mastering our required software packages.

* Core skill base development module--Includes diversity awareness training, customer service training, performance evaluation training, sexual harassment prevention training and management courses.

* Leadership module--Specific leadership development opportunities for staff.

* Personal growth development module--Specific work/life programs that help staff balance their work and personal life priorities.

Each component is designed to help our staff meet...

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