Chamber tip: e-brochures.

Author:Davis, Melanie

The Detroit Regional Chamber experimented with e-brochures with generally positive results. The first was sent to the Leadership Policy Conference invitation list via e-mail just prior to conference registration. The second one was sent to non-members in Southeast Michigan as part of a general membership campaign.

We chose the e-brochure route for several reasons, including:

* Even with production costs, it's far less expensive than a standard printing/mailing operation.

* It's faster than mailing; you can reach your prospects with one click.

* It perpetuated our brand as a high-tech regional business organization.

* The video portion of the brochure allowed for a more "personal" message from the Chamber's president and CEO.

In terms of results, we achieved a huge amount of "click-throughs" for the conference piece. The response was less impressive for the membership piece, however, which was sent to an "opt-in" list, including many who may have perceived the message as "spare."

My recommendation to those considering this option: It works best when you are targeting an audience with which you already have a well-established relationship. It's a cost-effective way to replace traditional printed brochures/mailings, and viewership and action is higher with a known audience.

Using e-brochures...

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