The chamber's role: manufacturers in our region received value from their membership in many ways.


The Chamber's Government Relations Team

* Passed a pro-manufacturer replacement to the SBT that provides significant tax reductions for businesses who invest heavily in Michigan. The Michigan Business Tax (prior to the surcharge) is a tax cut for most manufacturers.


Blocked costly border regulations that would have increased cost and wait time at our international crossings with Canada.

* Preparing to launch a Border Policy Institute that would bring far greater attention to the needs of the free flow of goods and people across our international border - a lifeline for our manufacturing industry.

* Constantly work to update laws related to redevelopment of brownfield sites, which are often in the preferred locations for new manufacturers in our region.

* Regularly meet with top officials from the Department of Environmental Quality on behalf of members in support of quicker, more pro-business action related to environmental regulatory processes.

* Supporting pro-manufacturer new energy laws.

* Working to improve the quality and condition of Michigan's roads, bridges and transportation infrastructure network.

* And many, many more pro-business public policies.

Great Lakes Manufacturing Council (GLMC)

* Convenes manufacturers and relevant advocacy groups and governments from the Great Lakes region in support of action to improve the competitiveness of our region for manufacturing.

* For the first time ever, manufacturers from our region will have a common agenda.

* The GLMC is helping define the Great Lakes region as a destination for manufacturing location and expansion.

GLMC accomplishments:

* Start of a process to develop bi-national, common U.S./Canadian skill-level standards for manufacturing workers between the entry level and professional level occupations. Major organizational players include the Manufacturing Institute of NAM, and Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

* Online host of border crossing resource information and best practices targeted to small to mid-size manufacturers.

* Beginning of a process to identify and inventory, on the web, the assets of major logistics hubs in the Great Lakes.

* A series of regional and Michigan e-newsletters that deliver an alternative narrative about manufacturing in the Great Lakes - getting out the good news to approximately 20,000 recipients.

* Council activities also have created a good network, for example the leads on medical manufacturing supply chain...

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