Challenging times.

Author:Katz, Steve

During my interview with Ron Nagy and Randy Kocher, the general manager and president of MPI/Labeltek, respectively, I got some great nuggets of wisdom regarding not only the converter's history and place within the label market, but also the greater label industry.

Nagy, a longtime industry veteran and founder of Labeltek, believes that this could be the most challenging time in the history of our industry. His reasoning has to do with the pace of change--particularly when it comes to digital printing technology, and also the relative high cost associated with adopting a new production-level digital press.

I have to think he's right. Digital press launches and updates are coming at a fast and furious rate, so 1 can only imagine how dizzying it must be for a label manufacturer's decision makers to research and inevitably settle on a digital press purchase. For Nagy himself, he said the process took more than three years to decide on MPI/Labeltek's Durst Tau 330 UV inkjet press. There have been a lot of new press launches in that span of time.

Come to think of it, there's been a lot of activity since L&NW's April issue! Just peruse our Industry News section and learn about Nilpeter revamping its Panorama hybrid press platform and Xeikon launching its Panther technology - the new PX3000 is the first inkjet press from Flint Group's Digital Division.

Continue reading the headlines within the news and you'll notice more and more stories of digital press purchases and installations. Even the iconic Benny Landa has finally announced the beta site installations for his much-anticipated Nanographic...

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