Challenging our global competitors; The American Manufacturing Initiative will create jobs, improve the environment and revitalize our economy.

Author:Levin, Senator Carl

Stopping the hemorrhaging of U.S. manufacturing jobs must be a domestic agenda priority. Since 2001, we have lost three million manufacturing jobs. I am working with my colleagues on an initiative to revitalize our domestic manufacturing industry. We will fight to enact it and we will press the presidential candidates to take a position on it.


The premise is simple: our manufacturers aren't competing with companies abroad; they are competing with countries. Other countries aggressively support their manufacturers. So should we.

American Manufacturing Initiative preview:

A manufacturing agenda must combat unfair currency manipulation by other countries. Japan's aggressive currency manipulation results in Japanese cars being sold for $3,000 - $10,000 cheaper, essentially a Japanese government subsidy. American exports to Japan essentially face a "tax" of that amount.

Skyrocketing trade deficits must be addressed. We need to force open markets blocked by trade barriers and insist new trade agreements allow U.S. manufacturers to compete in an open and fair market.

We need to level the playing field for domestic manufacturers by reducing health care costs for...

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