CFO world: earnings and more.

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The youngest are in Europe and South America, the biggest earners are in North America and, once again, the ones left behind are the women--in terms of the jobs they hold and the pay they receive. These are some of the results to come out of a survey carried out by Michael Page among 4,388 managers and financial directors from around the world, 680 of whom work in Latin America.

The Global CFO Barometer 2012 lifts a lid on numbers within the corporate world--for example, it reveals the financial service companies pay the highest salaries.

The results also show that one out of four CFOs in the financial sector has an annual income of more than $255,000.

Compensation (gross annual pay packages, including benefits and bonuses, in thousands of US dollars as a % per region) SOUTH AMERICA Up to $ 80 8% $80-119 14% $120-154 15% $155-189 16% $190-254 19% $ 255 or more 29% NORTH AMERICA Up to$ 80 1% $80-119 7% $120-154 15% $155-189 12%...

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