CFO Forum Buenos Aires.

Author:Newbery, Charles

Argentina is poised for an economic rebound under a new conservative government, but much-needed investment isn't about to deluge the country. That was the consensus at the Council of the Americas CFO Forum Buenos Aires on August 23.

Leading transformation

(1) Daniel Gonzalez, CFO, YPF: "Part of our job as CFOs is to provide a framework of realism. You have to always shoot to under-promise and over-deliver, all without being negative."

Navigating a meteorite field

(2) Fernando Navajas, chief economist at the Fundacion de Investigaciones Economicas Latinoamericanas (FIEL), an Argentine think tank, said that the new Macri administration faces challenges to reviving the economy that are like navigating a meteorite field.

Caption: Susal Segal, President and CEO, Americas...

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