A Certain Retribution.

Author:Charpentier, Julia Ann
Position:Book review

Michael Lister; A CERTAIN RETRIBUTION; Pulpwood Press (Fiction: Mystery) 26.99 ISBN: 9781888146455

Byline: Julia Ann Charpentier

Bad cops meet good cops in this exceptional mystery with an unpredictable ending.

Michael Lister sets his sordid tale in small-town Wewahitchka, also known as Wewa, in northern Florida. A Certain Retribution: A Merrick McKnight Novel delves into a treacherous fictional community where no one can be trusted, where vendettas are the rule. Sinister motivations and retaliatory indignation fuel the violence in this threatening environment on the brink of mayhem.

Someone is killing police officers with their own guns, in Lister's newest page-turner, a topnotch novel to mark the twentieth anniversary of his writing career. Merrick McKnight is an investigator with a brain and a heart. Threaded into this bizarre mystery is a romantic subplot. Realistic and touching, McKnight's relationship with Reggie Summers, the chief of police, enhances the coarse elements of the book by contrasting tough crime scenes with gentle interludes. Excellent character development, especially of the protagonists, instills a sense of purpose in this action-driven story.

Lister's ability to prevent even a seasoned mystery aficionado from figuring out the end of this simple yet puzzling situation sets this book apart from mediocre novels...

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