Celebrating diversity leadership.


Latino Leaders magazine has been doing research and writing art tides for more than 15 years about companies whose strategies, policies and outreach to the Latino Community set an example of inclusiveness. We have also constantly published exclusive interviews with the most successful diversity directors and influential CEO's whose mission to integrate Latinos into their work force and supplier base are an example to follow. Our valued partners, such as ALPFA and the USHCC, have also provided a wonderful compass when determining the pulse of diversity in corporate America.

This year we have partnered with ALPFA and DDR Advisors for a special feature on Talent Acquisition. With their input we are honored to introduce for the first time our Best Companies for Latinos 2016 index--featuring those corporations that over the years have consistently employed Latino talent and gone the extra mile to establish programs aimed to increase Latino presence and interaction. This research was based on the following main areas: Outreach and retention of Latino employees with diversity across all levels (C-Suite to entry)--affinity groups and internal strategies to embrace and integrate Latino labor force, supplier diversity programs that encourage minorities to apply and deliver goods and services and external strategies and programs aimed to attract Hispanic...

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