Celebrating 10 years of Dscoop.

Author:Hrinya, Greg

Dsccop, the annual HP Indigo users group meeting and conference, celebrated its 10th year at DscoopX, which took place March 5-7, 2015, in Washington, DC, USA.

The Digital Solutions Cooperative (Dscoop) originated in 2005, and during a ten-year period, the organization has amassed over 1,200 members across the globe. The event exceeded 2,000 attendees, and there were 116 partners present to display their latest technologies. With 20 new partners and over 50 new applications, there was an opportunity for both networking and product demonstrations.

"Dscoop as a community continues to fuel passionate, creative, forward-thinking discussions that drive market growth throughout the world," said Alon Bar-Shany, vice president and general manager, HP Indigo Division. "This isn't just a conference; this is an opportunity to experience a culture unique to Dscoop and the digital print industry,"

"We've done a couple things--a packaging renaissance and a brand event," said John Rogers, Dscoop global executive director. "It's really exciting stuff, We've always had label and packaging as part of our offering. What we felt, because it's growing so rapidly, is we wanted to engage to a greater degree. So on the front end of Dscoop, we've put a lot of focus on labels and packaging."

The event included several keynote presentations, including one...

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