Cecilia Noel: !A Gozar!

Author:Yglesias, Pablo


¡A Gozar!

(Compass Records)


Peruvian import Cecilia Noel is a highly talented and fiery singer/bandleader/composer who has been winning audiences in her adopted U.S. homestate of California, as well as internationally, for quite some time now. Her earlier releases were a wild, unruly mix of rock, pop, salsa, and soul, full of passion and musicianship, but sometimes a little unfocused. ¡A Gozar! not only builds on her unique, wonderful sound, but goes one step further--sharpening and clarifying it, bringing a new mature focus to her arrangements, and refining the infectious mix of Latin, jazz, and soul--with very consistent results. Noël is a storyteller and an actress, and her powerful combination of lyrics and vocals will send you into spasms of pleasure, bringing to mind Celia Cruz one minute, La Lupe the next. This album differs from her earlier output in that she stays almest exclusively with hard salsa--and I mean hardcore, from her covers of classics like La Cumbita and Así Se Compone Un Son to her own smokin'...

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