CCL Label's customers learn about RFID.

Position:INDUSTRY NEWS - Radio Frequency Identification - Brief Article

Together with its RFID partners, CCL Label presented the first of its quarterly RFID seminars for pharmaceutical customers. The one-day event, held in November at the Courtyard Marriott in Cranbury, NJ, featured presentations on topics related to RFID and the pharmaceutical industry.

"We decided about six months ago that our sales force spends a great deal of time trying to educate our customers on RFID and security products," said Robert Ryckman, director of marketing and product development, RFID and security products for CCL Label in Hightstown, NJ, USA. "We thought it would be better for customers to learn more in a seminar format."

The seminar kicked off with a three-hour RFID Executive Overview Academy, taught by Victor Vega of chip manufacturing company Alien Technology.

The session included a review of passive and active tags and explanations of how each tag technology works. Vega also discussed the components of a silicon chip and scanners, and gave tutorials on RFID frequencies and on various RFID standards.




Other presenters included Charles Rice of R4 Global Solutions, who spoke about Wal-Mart and FDA initiatives; Jan...

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