CBJ - November 2009 #05. Foundation awards 51 scholarships.


California Bar Journal


CBJ - November 2009 #05.

Foundation awards 51 scholarships

California Bar JournalNovember 2009Foundation awards 51 scholarshipsFifty-one law students received public service or diversity scholarships totaling $250,000 from the California Bar Foundation last month. The public service stipends - $120,000 to 28 students - were awarded for the 18th year; since 1992, the foundation has handed out more than 550 public interest scholarships. Five law firms support the program with multi-year gifts.

"The need for legal aid attorneys who provide critical assistance to low-income Californians is tremendous, but the high cost of law school, which can leave recent graduates with upwards of $100,000 in student loans, prevents many new lawyers from pursuing rewarding but historically low-paying public interest jobs," said Foundation President Mario Camara, a partner at Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP, one of the sponsoring law firms.

The diversity scholarships - $130,000 to 23 incoming first-year students from communities historically...

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