CBJ - November 2008 #07. Make a difference-volunteer for a bar board.


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CBJ - November 2008 #07.

Make a difference-volunteer for a bar board

California Bar Journal November 2008 Make a difference-volunteer for a bar boardIf you are looking for a chance to make a difference, the State Bar currently is seeking applicants for approximately 200 positions on more than three dozen committees, commissions and boards. Would-be volunteers have a wide range of options, from committees dealing with access and fairness issues, to executive committees focused on particular areas of the law, to legal specialization advisory commissions. Some committees require special qualifications.

The application deadline is Feb. 2 and terms, mostly for three years, begin next Sept. 13.

"It is certainly important and critical to the operations of the bar to have as many applications as we can obtain from attorneys who would be willing to serve," said board of governors vice president John Dutton, who chairs the board's Volunteer Involvement Committee.

"It's particularly important," he added, "to try to get younger attorneys involved in State Bar activities as well as solo and small firm lawyers."

Applicants must be willing to volunteer their time, expertise, experience and perspective. Although not paid for their services, they are reimbursed for approved travel expenses such as mileage and airfare.

Nor should attorneys hesitate about applying to the same committee more than once. Often, there are simply too many qualified applicants for a limited number of positions, and many committee members are not selected the first time they apply.

Among committees seeking applicants are: Courts/administration of justice committees which review proposed changes in civil procedure, ADR, appellate and federal rules, procedures and practices, as well as comment on proposed...

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