CBJ - June 2009 #06. Courts seek support for one-day-a-month closure.


California Bar Journal


CBJ - June 2009 #06.

Courts seek support for one-day-a-month closure

California Bar Journal June 2009 Courts seek support for one-day-a-month closureThe Board of Governors unanimously voted to support cost-cutting measures proposed by the Administrative Office of the Courts, including shuttering all state courthouses one day a month.

Ron Overholt, the AOC's chief deputy director, told the board the move could save $70 million in salaries at the trial courts and another $23 million in security costs. Work furloughs are not automatic and will require labor negotiations.

The courts face a $400 million cutback, a reduction Overholt called unprecedented. "This is a proposal none of us ever thought we'd make, but the gravity of the situation is such that it's a step we must take," he said. At the same time, the courts will proceed with construction or renovation of courthouses, funded by a $5 billion construction bond approved last year.

Overholt said the AOC anticipates closures would occur on a Wednesday, when they would have the least impact on filings and jail overcrowding.

Not waiting for the AOC to act, the Los Angeles Superior...

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