CBA YLD Chair Joi Kush, 1118 COBJ, Vol. 47, No. 10 Pg. 70

Position:Vol. 47, 10 [Page 70]

47 Colo.Law. 70

CBA YLD Chair Joi Kush

No. Vol. 47, No. 10 [Page 70]

The Colorado Lawyer

November, 2018



Get involved, stay involved, and give back always. We are members of a very privileged profession, and we owe a duty to both our legal and social communities. We must work to afford everyone the same level of privilege we have." This is incoming CBA Young Lawyers Division chair Joi Kush's message to young attorneys like herself.

Joi is a partner at Jonson Kush, P.C., where she handles a wide variety of cases, including complex custody disputes, high net worth marital estates, and post-decree issues. She's a Colorado Springs native, but growing up she lived in many other places due to her father's military career, including Fort Carson, Colorado; Boston, Massachusetts; and Stuttgart, Germany.

Joi attended the University of Denver for her undergraduate education, and then continued on to Albany Law School. Both in undergraduate and law school, she traveled extensively for work and study, living in Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; Dharamshala, India; Hanoi, Vietnam; and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

After graduating from law school in 2010, Joi moved back to Colorado Springs, where she met her husband Corey Wilson, a personal chef. She started her legal career in Colorado at Sanders Law Firm, where she focused on mass tort litigation and was one of several attorneys working on matters related to the estate of Michael Jackson, who was recently deceased. After a couple years as a civil litigator, Joi eventually transitioned into family law. She started working with Dave Johnson in 2015 and partnered with him in April 2017 to form Johnson Kush P.C, a family law firm that provides significant pro bono representation. Across her years of disparate experience, Joi reports that she particularly enjoys the challenge of appearing in court to advocate for her clients.

When Joi joined the CBA YLD Executive Council four years ago, she was one of only three members whose practice was located outside of the Denver metro area. She was inspired to join the Council to increase the representation of "out state" attorneys and to...

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