CBA Welcomes Its Newest Members, 0217 COBJ, Vol. 46 No. 2 Pg. 12


46 Colo.Law. 12

CBA Welcomes Its Newest Members

Vol. 46, No. 2 [Page 12]

The Colorado Lawyer

February, 2017

Bar News Highlight

The Colorado Bar Association may be your partner in law, but it is our members who truly showcase the strength and diversity of the Colorado legal community. We would like to extend a warm welcome to those individuals who joined the CBA between September 6 and December 19, 2016. We look forward to helping you succeed in your career.

Phillip Amos

Eve Ashby

James Bain

Leslee Barnicle

J. Steven Beabout

Gregory Beacom

William Beck

Thomas Beem

Mitchel Behr

Aaron Belzer

Jarrett Benson

Roxie Bernard

Margaret Berthoff-Fernandes

Amy Bertle

Martin Bregman

Cheryl Brome

Andrew Brooks

Gina Brown

Leah Capritta

Shawn Casey

Noah Cecil

Gabriel Ceresko

Robert Chidester

Carleen Clark

Jill Coil

Alison Connaughty

William Cox

Matthew Dall

Darrell Damschen

Matthew Dana

Lucy Deakins

Peter DeBruyn

Mary Deganhart

Alexandra Deitz

Jessica Diaz

Nicholas DiMascio

Deanne Durfee

William Edie

Aaron Einhorn

Brent Eisen

Aaron Elinoff

Leon Erikson

Stephen Erwin

David Farmani

David Feeder

Alan Feldman

Yolanda Fennick

M. Turner Field

James Fish

Eric Fisher

Emily Fleischmann

Annalee Foster

Amanda Francis

Peter Frigo

Richard Garcia

Eamonn Gardner

Lawrence Griffin

Brent Hall

Susan Halloran

Hanah Harris-Yager

Alex Hayes

Julie Heckman

Robert Hensley

Trudy House

Ande Humphrey

Ronald Jacobs


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