Cause Is Physiological, Not Psychological.


Bed-wettJng, also known as enuresis, is an uncontrollable leakage of urine in sleeping children five years and up. In most cases, it is caused by overproduction of urine at night or reduced capacity of the bladder. An inability to wake up can be another cause. Approximately five percent to 10% of seven-year-olds regularly wet their beds, and the problem may persist into the teens and adulthood.

A frequent misconception of bedwetting is that the cause is psychological rather than having a multifactorial pathophysiological basis, relates Michal Matemik, professor in the Department of Urology at Poland's Medical University of Gdansk. Furthermore, research indicates that parents, as well as health-care providers, share this misconception and treatment oftentimes is not consistent with recommended guidelines.

Tor physicians to treat bed-wetting effectively, any existing behavioral issues must be managed as a separate condition," says Matemik. "Various research highlights the need for new educational initiatives to optimize the understanding of...

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