Cater to an easy niche.

Author:Parsons-Wraith, Lisa
Position:Arms and the woman

If the youth archery market is something you want to get more involved in, now is the time. Many dealers are enjoying an increase in business as a result of archery's positive portrayal in movies--and it's an easy niche to cater to.

Bill Pellegrino's Archery Hut in Colorado Springs, Colo., has seen a definite increase in young girls coming in to try archery since The Hunger Games was released, said Kurt Geist, a sales associate at Bill Pellegrino's.

"They're coming in with their Katniss hair braids, and want to shoot a bow like her," Geist said. "Girls who come in because of the movie want to shoot like Katniss--the more traditional archery with a recurve bow."

They also want back quivers because they have an image in their heads of the heroine from the movie, he noted.

Some of the girls who come in just want to try shooting a bow once, Geist said, but others get hooked. If there is a serious interest in archery, he recommends one of the higher-end bows--such as the Mission Menace or Craze, or the Hoyt Ruckus--because they are very adjustable.


The Archery Hut is very active with the Junior Olympic Archery Development Program (JOAD). This program teaches archery to young people in a series of classes taught by a certified archery...

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