Catching Thunder; The Story of the World's Longest Sea Chase.

Author:Jagareski, Rachel
Position:Book review

Eskil Engdal, Kjetil Saeter, and Diane Oatley (translator); CATCHING THUNDER; ZED Books (Nonfiction: Ecology & Environment) 21.95 ISBN: 9781786990877

Byline: Rachel Jagareski

Norwegian journalists Eskil Engdal and Kjetil SA[bar]ter deliver a true story that reads like a spy novel, peppered with scary organized crime villains, charismatic environmental activists and Interpol agents, and enough tidbits about sailing treacherous seas, commercial fishing, and endangered species to satisfy the most dedicated nautical adventure fan.

The Thunder of the title was a notorious illegal factory fishing vessel that poached lucrative catches of toothfish, otherwise known as Chilean sea bass, for years in the Southern Ocean. The nonprofit Sea Shepherd Conservation Society took on the charge of rounding up Thunder and other illegal fishing boats in their targeted "Bandit 6" after their efforts to interrupt Japanese whaling in Antarctic waters, chronicled on the popular cable television show Whale Wars, proved successful.

Equipped with a nimble ship loaded with excellent radar and communications technology, Sea Shepherd captain Peter Hammarstedt and his crew were fortunate to locate...

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