Catalyst: The Team Communication Training Kit.

Author:Price, Nancy
Position:E-book review

Catalyst: The Team Communication Training Kit, Other, 2007, Responsive Management Systems, $49.95.

Who isn't looking for unique and creative ways to enhance communication in their organizations? Our companies are constantly raising the bar in terms of the amounts and frequency of what we need to talk to each other about and the critical information that needs to be exchanged.

That's why I looked forward to reviewing Catalyst: The Team Communication Kit by Responsive Management Systems. However, my hopes of discovering an effective communication tool weren't realized.

The kit consists of a pencil box-sized case containing six sets of matched tiles--a total of 36 tiles. Embossed on each tile is one of 36 concepts of organizational effectiveness and success such as "productive," "accountable" and "committed." The one-inch by two-inch tiles are made of an unbreakable composite material.

The tiles are used in a variety of interactive exercises to identify individual and group strengths and weaknesses in verbal communication. The makers of the kit suggest the following uses: employee interviews, company orientation, and teambuilding.

My first red flag came when I noticed that the word "strengthen" was misspelled ("sterngthen") on the front page of the instruction booklet. This was just the first of a string of disappointments.

I engaged a colleague to test the product with me, and we both found the instructions for each exercise to be very unclear and somewhat confusing. We did...

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