Cat Attract.

Author:Peterson, Eric
Position:Cool Colorado Stuff - Precious Cat Inc. - Brief Article - Statistical Data Included

Since childhood, Dr. Bruce Elsey has been a fan of felines. As a veterinarian, he opened metro Denver's first all-cat clinic in 1978. A little more than a decade later, Elsey developed a breakthrough clumping cat litter in a garage next to the clinic, launching a startup called Precious Cat in the process. The company has long since graduated from the garage, operating out of a 42,000 square-foot warehouse and distributing product to some of the nation's largest pet retail chains. Elsey's latest innovation is Cat Attract, a cat litter designed to make problem cats less of a problem. Out of 70 million cats in the country, about 10 percent don't like to use the litter box, he explained, ultimately leading to a sizeable...

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