A Cast of Caregivers.

Author:Kramer, Lauren
Position:Book review

sherri snelling (author); A CAST OF CAREGIVERS; Balboa Press (Nonfiction: Family & Relationships) 33.99 ISBN: 9781452559131

Byline: Lauren Kramer

Sherri Snelling starts off her book, A Cast of Caregivers, with the facts: sixty-five million Americans have cared for loved ones who are disabled, ill, or dying. So it seems surprising that there's not more information out there on what it takes to give care, what kind of toll it has on the caregiver, and what happens once it's over. That's what Snelling delves into in her five hundred-page book: first offering anecdotes and then discussing death, dying, and caring for the caregiver in the aftermath.

The anecdotes she chooses are quite fascinating because they all tell the stories of celebrities who have suffered as caregivers, and who reflect on their experiences and offer advice. We hear from Joan Lunden, a television broadcaster who acts as caregiver for her mother, and Sylvia Mackey, wife of the NFL player John Mackey. Alan and David Osmond offer their input about their experiences with multiple sclerosis and actress Alana Stewart divulges how she cared for her long-time friend Farrah Fawcett, who battled a rare form of cancer. Using the stories of these stars is sobering because it's easy to imagine that their celebrity lives are...

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