Casio calculators are mathematical masters.

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Casio's graphing and scientific calculators undoubtedly are on the must-have back-to-school list:

* PRIZM fx-CG10 ($129.99). This model is revolutionary among graphing calculators with features that enhance users' understanding of mathematics, including a high-resolution color LCD screen with full textbook-style display, a picture plot that enables learning from real-life pictures, and a multitude of functions that leverage the color LCD in graphing objects like dotted lines, circles and bars, and grid lines on graphs.

* fx-9860GII ($79.99). Available in pink or gray, these advanced graphing calculators are the perfect accessory for students. In addition to the features and functionality users always have loved in Casio calculators, there are several enhancements in this model that are sure to please. The fx-9860GII allows for powerful...

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