Cash, Steve. The Meq.

Author:Theiss, Nola
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

CASH, Steve. The Meq. Random House, Ballantine. 404p. c2002. 0-345-47092-3. $13.95. SA

The Meq are a race of immortal Basque people who age until they are 12. They then stay that age until they meet their soulmate, when they then age as mortals. Zianno Zezen, known as Z, discovers his fate as a perpetual 12-year-old on his 12th birthday, without really understanding his own future. Z finds friends among humans who are unaware of his powers, bestowed on him by "stones." He also finds enemies among the Meq, primarily in the form of Fleur-du-Mal, as he travels the world from New Orleans to North Africa, from China to St. Louis. Historical events and places, like the St. Louis World Fair, the Boxer Rebellion and WW I, are encountered as Z travels by land and sea on his many adventures, including episodes with famous people of the late 19th and...

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