Casanova in Venice.

Author:Fandel, Jennifer
Position:Book review

Kildare Dobbs (author); CASANOVA IN VENICE; The Porcupine's Quill (Poetry: Poetry) $14.95 ISBN: 9780889843325

Byline: Jennifer Fandel

How exactly did the world-renowned playboy come to be, and what was it that made him tick? Kildare Dobbs' most recent poetry collection, Casanova in Venice: A Raunchy Rhyme, provides insight into these questions and more as he takes readers on a very rollicking and sometimes thought-provoking journey through the great lover's life.

Using Casanova's own MA[c]moires as the framework for the nineteen narrative poems in this collection, Dobbs provides readers with a broad understanding of Casanova's life -- from his early childhood to his later years, when the myth of the man grew to epic proportions. Dobbs presents Casanova's experiences of abandonment by his promiscuous mother; his adolescent years, when he was surprised by early stirrings of desire; the reversal of fortune, when he saved a senator and became his heir; his arrest and jailing by the Venetian Inquisition; and his later escape. While the collection may be read for the sheer pleasure of the "raunchy rhyme," Dobbs's use of Casanova's history fleshes out the hero's story, lending additional realism to the tales of his earthly enjoyments with countesses, nuns, and everyone in between.

The "raunchy rhyme" of the title, is the supreme delight of Dobbs's collection. Throughout the book, readers watch outrageous trysts develop while listening to hilarious double...

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