Wrist Cartridge Belt.


The lure of single shot rifles continues today as it has for generations. The lone rifleman on the plains with a large bore "buffalo" gun and shooting sticks tugs at the heartstrings of anyone who has seen a Frederic Remington painting.

There's always a problem, though, when it comes to carrying reloads if the situation demands you have such on hand. Pockets get twisted up and loose cartridges clink and clank therein, spooking game and your hunting buddy.

Stan Dolega, owner of Wolf Ears Equipment, out of Laramie, Wy., is the maker of arguably the finest traditional web gear in the world. His authentic canvas and leather cartridge belts are what people buy if they want the best. I've been the long-time proud owner of one of Dolega's cartridge belts (for .45-70) and recently became fortunate enough to add the wrist cartridge belt to my "must-have" pile.


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