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Author:Carson, Michael J.
Position:Young adult review - Book review


A. A. Farr


1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 300, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781440166075, $19.95,

When you find you have powers, you have to use them well or find your problems much more than you can handle. "Koschei: The End of a New Beginning" follows Alex Campbell as he comes into young adulthood and finds the burden of power placed upon him. For good or evil, his problems only seem to be exacerbated and made worst. With his friends by his side, "Koschei" is an exciting read of young adult fantasy, very highly recommended.

Race War

La-Temus Marshall

Outskirts Press

10940 S. Parker Road - 515, Parker, CO 80134

9781432767204, $11.95,

The cultural melting pot is what makes America what it is. "Race War: America's Worst Nightmare" draws a story into a near future world where the poor conditions of the world divide America sharply and a state separated on race would be America's future. But such a solution soon benefits no one in La-Temus Marshall's racial commentary through fiction. "Race War" is a thoughtful read with plenty to absorb, highly recommended.

The Serpentine Curve

Charles Domina

Vantage Press

419 Park Ave., South, New York, NY 10016

9780533162178, $14.95,

Even when trying to decipher the mysteries of our existence, mundane things like love leave us with more questions than answers. "The Serpentine Curve" follows Dr. Joanna Russo as she copes with the study of genetic memory as she deals with the challenges of her everyday life. When ethics places her against shady science, Russo finds herself in a race to keep knowledge out of the hands who would do evil with it. "The Serpentine Curve" is an exciting read of science fiction and romance, highly recommended.

Caught in the Winds

L. D. Wenzel

Privately Published

9781453647875, $16.75

Knowing where you are spiritually is a truly wonderful feeling. "Caught in the Winds" follows Morrie Schiller as he tries to come to terms with himself and his pursuits. As love fails, he finds that the love he seeks may be in faith, as a new individual enters his life and challenges him philosophically and spiritually. A thoughtful read of Christianity and coming of age, "Caught in the Winds" is a fine read and solidly recommended.

Homosexuality in the Orthodox Church

Justin R. Cannon, editor

Privately Published

9781456416874, $12.00,

The debate of homosexuality is well known for protestant and Catholic Christians...

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