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Author:Carson, Michael J.
Position:Book review

The Children of St. Minerva

Genna Bader


1663 South Liberty Drive

Bloomington, IN 47403-5161

9781453586464, $29.99,

What you may have been looking for may not be what you wanted. "The Children of St. Minerva" follows many women as they look for what they want out of life. Finding lost family, finding lost love, Lauren and Minnie face many twists and turns on their road to something resembling romance, and it is brutally interrupted by the stench of murder. To save family, to save lives, two women must risk anything and everything. "The Children of St. Minerva" is a fine and much recommended pick for thriller fans.

Kiss Her, Kill Her

Lisa Dewar


1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781450259989, $16.95,

There may be the smallest glint of humanity in the most vile of demons. "Kiss Her, Kill Her" is a thriller following serial killer Tarryn Cooper Love as he seeks to collect another trophy. But a new woman entering his sights makes him think twice, and may lead him to something resembling redemption yet, if he can ever conquer the lure of the kill. "Kiss Her, Kill Her" is an unusual yet highly intriguing read, worth considering for thriller fans.

An Inconvenient Amish Zombie

Tom Smucker

Privately Published

9781461177746, $16.00,

The apocalypse and the tangled web that lies under it leaves many of us trying to make heads or tales of it. "An Inconvenient Amish Zombie: Left Behind the DaVinci Diet Code Truth" is a blend of the many thrillers and threats to our livelihood as Tom Smucker composes a unique and fun read that romps over Paris and the American Mid-West. Touching on everything and anything on pop culture intrigue and fear, "An Inconvenient Amish Zombie" may very well be worth considering for humor readers.

Port City Black and White

Gerry Boyle

Down East

9780892729579, $24.95,

A drive for justice can set on quite strongly. "Port City Black and White" follows Brandon Blake as he is hired by the Portland Police Department. Becoming enthralled in a case where a druggie mother loses track of her baby, Brandon is at first furious at the mother but more driven by the disappearance of the child. As he personal life tries to call him back from his mission, his drive cannot be underestimated. "Port City Black and White" is a riveting thriller into a seedy town, highly recommended.

Out Time - Another Bond

Eric Hughes


1663 South...

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